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Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2021 • 7 Essential Oil Diffusers Reviews

The best essential oil diffuser makes consumption of essential oils easier and better. The following is a detailed guide on how consumers can find the best essential oil diffuser for themselves.

Ashton Venables

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Essential Oil Diffuser Leaderboard 2021

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Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 13
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 22
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 247

What is an Essential Oil Diffuser?

The best essential oil diffuser, also known as an aromatherapy diffuser, is a device that is used to release essential oils into the air for a number of reasons such as to boost a person’s health, increase energy, improve sleep, purify air and many other reasons.

How Does an Essential Oil Diffuser Work?

The best essential oil diffuser disperses essential oils into the atmosphere to be inhaled by a person so that they can be easily absorbed by the body. Moreover, many essential oils also release a pleasant fragrance into the air when dispersed via the best essential oil diffuser, thus purifying the air and killing harmful microorganisms.

Advantages and Applications

Using the best essential oil diffuser comes with very many advantages and applications such as:

Boost Relaxation And Sleep

Advantages of the Best Essential Oil Diffuser ReviewEssential oils are well-known for their ability to help people unwind after a stressful day. While there are a number of other ways to transfer the soothing oils from a bottle into the blood stream where they begin to work their miracles, the essential oil diffuser is considered to be the easiest and most long-lasting method of them all. Many people keep these greatly reviewed devices at the office to help them relax on their lunch break. Others keep them at home to help them relax when they get back home from work and to also sleep better at night.

Elevate Moods

Other than helping to de-stress, the best essential oil diffuser can also be used to boost an energizing mood. This is not only useful for when a person is feeling down or depressed, but also the diffuser can help to inspire positive spirits during the festive season, to create the best atmosphere for social gatherings or work meetings, to get a person moving on a dull morning, or create a romantic mood.

Keep Off Illnesses

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to ward off colds, flus, and other bad illnesses. Many essential oils (e.g. tea tree, thyme, sage, grapefruit, rosemary and lemon) have anti-microbial properties and when emitted into the air as vapour, the organic compounds found in them come into direct contact with pathogens in the air before they attack a person’s body.

Essential oils also help to boost the immune system. Furthermore, some of the best essential oil diffusers also work as humidifiers, which help to keep a person’s respiratory system moist and healthy so that they are less likely to fall victim to any microbes that make it into the body.

Help People to Breathe Easier

Best Essential Oil Diffuser for helping People in ReviewEssential oils are effective at decreasing inflammation and congestion in blogged airways to help a person breathe better. Diffusing some of the best essential oils such as peppermint, lemon, rosemary or eucalyptus into a room can help the nose and sinuses to open up and thus improve breathing.

Offer Pain Relief

Applying essential oils directly on the skin or ingesting them may lead to irritation, and people often experience better results when they use a diffuser. Diffusing essential oils such as ginger, bergamot, chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender or clary sage into the air is one of the best ways to deal with persistent pain such as that brought about by sore joints, exhausted muscles or headaches.

Enhance Cognitive Function

Using the best essential oil diffuser is an excellent way to improve the functioning of the brain cells. Many essential oils like peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus and pine have adoptogenic properties, meaning they are soothing when a person is stressed out, but they can also provide a pick-me-up when they’re feeling sluggish. By levelling out a person’s mood, the essential oils in the air will boost focus. Some essential oils also balance the body’s hormones powerfully. With regular usage, the oils can help to heal underlying problems responsible for deteriorating cognitive function.

Safer Than Candles and Incense

For people who have small kids or pets, burning incense or candles can be potentially dangerous. Using the best essential oil diffuser helps a person to realize the advantages of aromatherapy without the risk of wax spills, fire or burns.

Insect Repellent

The Best Essential Oil Diffuser deterring InsectsThe best essential oil diffusers are not only great for boosting the health of a person, but they are also very effective at deterring mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies and moths. Diffusing clove, cedarwood, lemongrass or rosemary can help to prevent such insects from entering a home.

Help to Keep Cool During Warm Weather

During summer, running an air conditioner throughout the day and night will lead to high electric bills. Instead, diffusing a cool minty essential oil like peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus or spearmint into the rooms that are mostly used can help in beating the hot summer heat.

All in all, the best essential oil diffusers, which have been positively reviewed by other buyers, can help in saving money because they can lead to fewer visits to the doctor, lower power bills, and improved productivity.

What Types of Essential Oil Diffusers are there?

After conducting extensive research and reading online product reviews, we found there are several types of essential oil diffusers. These are mentioned below.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser in ReviewThe best ultrasonic essential oil diffusers use ultrasonic waves and water to disperse essential oils into a room. Ultrasonic diffusers are available in a variety of sizes and colours.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes and design options
  • Tend to be the most affordable amongst non-passive style diffusers
  • Widely available
  • Also double up as humidifiers.


  • They can fail more quickly than other types of essential oil diffusers
  • Can be problematic if the usage instructions are not followed properly

Essential Oil Atomizing Diffusers/Nebulizers

The best atomizing diffusers, also referred to as nebulizers, take essential oils and break them down into separate molecules before releasing the smaller molecules into the air. It is believed that the smaller molecules can be more easily absorbed by the lungs and thus offer better therapeutic value compared to other diffusion techniques.

A nebulizer is a small apparatus that has 2 major parts- a plastic base that houses the motor and a queer, clear blown-glass part that carries and “nebulizes” the essential oils. Rather than the use if the queer glass part, some atomizing diffusers have a unique bottle that resembles a Boston round bottle. The size of the motor that comes with the atomizing diffusers impacts the speed at which the oils are nebulized and the area it can cover.


  • Do not use any heat or water
  • Deliver greater therapeutic benefits
  • Supply a concentrated and pure stream of essential oil vapour


  • Cleaning a nebulizer is time-consuming
  • Thick essential oils like Sandalwood and Patchouli are not recommended for atomizing diffusers

Fan Style Essential Oil Diffusers

The Best Fan Style Essential Oil Diffuser in ReviewFan diffusers use a fan to circulate air across essential oils to make them evaporate into a room more actively than with passive diffusion methods. Essential oils are put onto an absorbent pad or a tray, which is then placed into the diffusion unit. When the unit is powered on, the fan blows air across the pad or tray and transfers the aroma into the air. Fan style diffusers are available in a variety of sizes; some will only disperse the vapour into a small room while others have the ability to diffuse very big areas.


  • Available in a wide range of styles
  • Depending on the model, fan diffusers can diffuse a large area
  • Generally easy to use
  • Some can be powered using both electricity and batteries, making them very portable.


  • Some fan essential oil diffusers need the user to buy replacement absorbent pads.
  • Some of them are noisy.

Electric Heat Aromatherapy Diffusers

The best electric heat aromatherapy diffuser uses heat to slowly heat the essential oils and disperse the aroma into the air.


  • They can diffuse larger areas, depending on the style
  • They can effectively disperse the vapour of thicker essential oils like Sandalwood and Patchouli.


  • Clean up after using thicker oils can be difficult
  • Use of heat changes the chemical level of essential oils.

Candle Diffusers

The Best Candle Essential Oil Diffuser in review and comparisonThese are essential oil diffusers that use a tea light or any other candle to slowly heat the essential oils to promote dispersion into the air. Candle diffusers are usually made of ceramic or metal. They have an opening for a candle and a small bowl or tray for holding a small quantity of oil. Candle essential oil diffusers come in a wide range of shapes and colours.


  • Usually less costly than atomizing essential oil diffusers, depending on the model
  • Do not need electricity or batteries.
  • Natural way to scent a room
  • Allow use of thicker essential oils.


  • Users should be careful when using candle diffusers as with handling candles in general.
  • Users should be sure to have some replacement candles on hand.

Terracotta and Sandstone Essential Oil Diffusers

Terracotta clay and sandstone essential oil diffusers have many names and are available in a variety of attractive designs and sizes. Some terracotta diffusers look like tiny clay pots that carry a small amount of essential oil.

At most times a cork is used to close the opening. Essential oils permeate via the pot and then diffuse out into the air. The intensity of the fragrance depends on the quantity of essential oil that’s added to the pot.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Do not need electricity or batteries


  • It is difficult to maintain the same level of aroma in a room because the aroma dissipates with time.

Lamp Ring Aromatherapy Diffusers

Lamp ring diffusers are normally made from terracotta or brass. They have the shape of a ring and they are placed directly on a standard light bulb. The grooved lip that goes all around a lamp ring aroma therapy diffuser holds the essential oils. Heat from a light bulb gently heats the oil in the diffuser, and the essential oil is then released into the air.


  • Usually inexpensive


  • If any oil spills onto the bulb, it could break
  • Do not work with oddly sized or oddly placed bulbs
  • High efficiency bulbs might not be suitable.

The Big Essential Oil Diffuser-Buyer’s Guide

In selecting the best essential oil diffuser, consumers should consider the following factors:


The Best Essential Oil Diffuser Style in ReviewThe style of an essential oil diffuser is a very important consideration. Diffusers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes like a bowl shape or taller models. Some have lighting features while other do not, and some possess a rustic wood finish for added class. Consumers should base the style of the diffuser on where they plan to place it in their home, so that it can match their existing home décor.

Electric or Manual

The best electric essential oil diffusers are usually easier to operate compared to manual ones because they can work even when a person is sleeping and will not cause fire, especially if they have electrical protection. On the other hand, the best manual powered essential oil diffuser can offer a better and more organic diffusing effect.


The ease of controls is also an important consideration when choosing the best diffuser. It should be easy to locate the switches that control the timer, the lighting and other factors. The best essential oil diffuser is easy to setup.

Lighting Choices

Many electric essential oil diffusers normally have lighting choices that can be switched. Most of these devices have the ability to cycle multiple colours. It is possible to use the diffuser as a nightlight or as an extra decoration at home for the visitors. If the lighting is changeable, it can be possible to complement the colours of a room.

Which Essential Oils Can Be Used?

Do consider the kind of essential oils that can be used in a certain essential oil diffuser. Certain oils may not work well with all types of essential oil diffusers, so it is important to know which ones are best suited.


Also consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer for the essential oil diffuser, its lifetime, the return period policy and the parts covered by the warranty.

In addition to the mentioned points, reading genuine reviews from trusted consumers can also help in making the best decision. Such reviews show the experiences of other consumers who have used a certain essential oil diffuser before.

Experiences from Other Consumer Tests

Experiences about the Best Essential Oil Diffuser in ReviewKatie Jackson from conducted a test on the URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser and Cool Mist Humidifier, which had received over 31,000 reviews from consumers and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Katie found the best seller essential oil diffuser very easy to assemble. It basically had 2 pieces of plastic plus a cord in a cool, Japanese-inspired design. It was also as small as a coffee mug. She also found that there were 2 settings for diffusing, both of which were silent. The mist setting forced out a spray of mist every half minute.

Contrary to the product description that claimed that it lasts 6 hours if the diffuser is filled to the maximum water line, Katie found that it lasts for about 4 hours. In her experiment, she also found that the essential oil diffuser automatically shut off when it was empty and there was also a continuous mist setting lasting 2-3 hours. The LED light was controlled by the remaining button on the device, and it had 7 different colour choices.

During the evaluation, Katie found that the diffuser could hold about 1 cup of water and every time she refilled it, she just added 1-2 drops of 100% natural oils (which she bought separately). Almost instantly, she was able to feel the aromatherapy effects.

Since the device was so small, she did not notice any humidifying effects, even when she sat near the unit. Therefore, she made a conclusion that the device did not double up as a humidifier.

In the study, Katie discovered that with high-quality essential oils, the little machine worked well. For most part, she found the URPOWER diffuser advantageous. On the downside, when she tried to contact the customer service, she was not successful and she also felt that the device was too small.

Katie found the device best suited to small spaces like bathrooms, kitchens or cubicles, and also the best option for those who prefer a more subtle aroma.

Brands – Check

There are very many brands out there that make essential oil diffusers. Reading genuine product reviews can help one in finding the best brand for them. Below we have detailed some of the best brands of essential oil diffusers in the UK.

  • Made by Zen
  • Lumie
  • Rested
  • John Lewis
  • Aromatherapy Associates
  • Ellia
  • Muji
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies
  • VicTsing
  • Aukey
Established in 2009, Made by Zen is a lifestyle brand from Britain that uses cutting-edge technology and stylish design to create some of the best niche products. The company has a Zen influence and is renowned worldwide as an aroma diffuser, luxury, aromatherapy and home fragrance brand. The company aims to spread their belief that the human senses are a gateway to the souls and the health of the mind and body is affected by the environment. Made by Zen makes a wide range of essential oil diffusers, which have been well-reviewed by consumers. Their Alto Diffuser has a speaker, a light and 3 mist settings for 1 hour, 2 hours and intermittent. It has been reviewed online as being a high-tech and attractive ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser that is calming in the extreme. 
Since 1991, Lumie, based in the UK, has been researching, designing and creating some of the best light therapy products to treat seasonal affective disorder. Great technical knowledge and customer feedback goes into developing the best wellness products. This company invented the first wake-up light in 1993 and today their Body Clock range is very popular.

A sample is the Lumie IRIS 500 Body Clock which is on the pricier side, but is has been positively reviewed because of its design. There are 2 chambers that enable the user to fill it with natural oils for morning and evening so he/she does not have to keep emptying and refilling frequently. There’s also an alarm that can be set so that the unit comes on at certain times. The brightness of the light can also be varied for different times of the day.

RESTED was founded in 2015 by Adam and Toby Walzer. Their products are designed for people who recognise that sleep is important for personal health and overall well-being on a daily basis. RESTED is committed to seeking out the best sleep products in the globe and present them in the retail environment. One of their essential oil diffusers, Rested Squair Diffuser has been reviewed online as being surprising powerful and a great travel option. This diffuser is available in 4 colours and is best-suited for bedrooms. It is also accompanied by 100ml piezo oil from Japan, in a variety of fragrance options like rose and natural forest. The aroma escapes via a sliding screen positioned at the top.
John Lewis and Partners is a chain of department stores in the UK founded in 1864. The John Lewis Partnership, which was founded in 1929 by Spedan Lewis, owns this chain of stores. The company distributes a wide range of high-end home goods, cosmetics and other products.

One of their most popular essential oil diffusers, Diptyque Un Air de Diptyque Electric Diffuser has been reviewed online as being costly, but durable and the best for open-plan rooms. Fragrances include berries, wood fire, amber and fig tree. It diffuses a scented capsule for ten minutes followed by 10 minutes of rest and the cycle continues for one hour.

Aromatherapy Associates is a premium spa and skin care UK-based brand. This brand was founded in 1985 and it distributes aromatherapy products to more than 400 consumers in forty countries. This company produces some of the best essential oil diffusers on the market.

A sample is the Aromatherapy Associates Home Fragrancer which has been reviewed online as being great for a small room. Simply add 2-3 drops of essential oil into the tiny ceramic dish, power on the device and let the aroma diffuse. Aromatherapy Associates offers buyers a wide variety of oils, though they cost extra. The bowl has been reviewed online as being somehow wobbly, but the device in general offers great value for money.

Ellia Diffusers and Essential Oils are made to help users de-stress, boost cognitive function and soothe the body and mind. The company claims that their essential oils are rigorously sourced and tested to be completely pure and therapeutic.

Ellia produces a host of diffusers. The Ellia Gather diffuser for instance, has been reviewed online as being one of their best offerings. The design consists of a basket-weave pattern and a mix of glass and wood. The model also has a remote control to vary the colour of the light. Users can also change the sound emitted. It runs for ten hours and comes with 3 blended oils. The fragrance has been reviewed online as being noticeable, but subtle.

Muji is a retail company that was originally created in Japan in December1980. This company sells a wide range of high quality goods including household products, clothing and food. There are more than 850 Muji stores operating in different parts of the world.

A sample product from this Japanese company is the Muji Large Aroma Diffuser which has been positively reviewed by users because it sounds great, releases wonderful aromas and glows very well. The device has convenient timers and comes with a great selection of essential oils. According to online consumer reviews, it is also a smaller, cheaper version.

Neal’s Yard Remedies is a multi-level marketing firm based in the United Kingdom that supplies cosmetic products, skin care goods and essential oils. The company was established in 1981 in London by Romy Fraser. Some of the best products from this company have received several awards and great consumer reviews.

A sample essential diffuser is the Neal’s Yard Esta Aroma Diffuser which has received positive consumer reviews because of its beautiful design and automatic settings. The device is housed in an attractive bamboo casing and comes with an automatic setting that allows mist to be dispersed every half minute. It blends really well with home décor.

VicTsing Technology Company Ltd was founded in 2012 and is a professional seller of consumer electronic goods and household appliances, particularly specialized in audio goods, mobile accessories and humidifiers. The company claims it has a mission to provide innovative, practical and competitively-priced products so that their customers can access the best high-tech products and have a simpler life.

One of their most popular essential oil diffusers is the VicTsing Ultrasonic Electric Essential Oil Diffuser. This device has been reviewed online as being a device that works extremely well and the small dimensions make it very portable. The diffuser has also been reviewed as an attractive supplement for users who are conscious about their health and fitness

Aukey is a top-ranked worldwide Amazon seller with distribution partners in more than fifty nations throughout Europe, Middle East, Latin America and South East Asia. The company is made up of tech-lovers who share an appreciation for the finer details and operation of high-quality products.

One of their sample products is the Aukey Electric Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier which has received good reviews from consumers because it uses the notion of health in its attractive design. The device works with 1.7MHz frequency, which helps to cleanse and enhance air quality, relieve pressure, reduce ailments and boost immunity. The customer service from Aukey is also reliable.


Development of the Essential Oil Diffuser over Time

Development of the Best Essential Oil Diffuser over TimeThe history of essential oil diffusers can be dated back to the history of aromatherapy, a treatment that utilizes traditional methods of healing illnesses by use of medicinal herbs.

The use of essential oil themselves can be traced back to ancient Chinese, Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations who used them in perfumes, cosmetics and traditional drugs.

In the era of modern medicine, use of essential oils first appeared in 1937 in a French Book by Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. An English version was released in 1993.

In 1910, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, who was a chemist, burned his hand severely and later claimed that he, treated the wound effectively by using lavender oil. Jean Valnet, a surgeon from France, pioneered the medicinal use of essential oils, because he used them as antiseptics in treating wounded soldiers during WW2.

Numbers, Data, Facts around the Essential Oil Diffusers

Facts about Best Essential Oil Diffuser in ReviewAccording to a 2017 report by Brand View Inc., the worldwide aromatherapy diffusers market is projected to reach USD2.68 billion by 2025. The global increase in consumption of essential oils has been the main factor fuelling the market growth. Moreover, the increased awareness about the benefits of these oils for treating a variety of health problems has led to the raised utilization of essential oil diffusers throughout the globe.

The increasing disposable income together with the desire to upkeep healthy lifestyles is expected to promote the demand for scents produced by essential oils. These scents provide excellent simulation in aromatherapy practices, massages, and other relaxation methods.

The report also suggested that the global market for aromatherapy diffusers was worth USD1.22 billion in 2016 and was forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2017-2025. Ultrasonic diffusers emerged as the biggest product segment because of their ability to maintain therapeutic properties of essential oils.

In terms of revenue, the report said that Asia Pacific was expected to expand at the highest CAGR of 9.8% during the forecast period because of the changing lifestyle and increasing consumer awareness about physical, mental and spiritual health.

The Grand View Research report also mentioned that some of the biggest players in the market of essential oil diffusers are- Young Living Essential Oils, doTERRA International, Nu Skin, NOW Foods, and Scentsy.

Safety Instructions When Dealing With Essential Oil Diffusers

The best essential oil diffusers come with very many benefits; however there are safety concerns to note such as:

  • Do not diffuse essential oils around new born babies, toddlers, young kids, pregnant or nursing mothers or pets unless they have been deemed safe.
  • People who have allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues may find that diffusing oils that have strong scents might trigger a respiratory reaction. If this is the case, it is recommended to stop diffusing essential oils.
  • Keep essential oils away from fire sources as they are highly flammable.
  • Ensure the room/home is well-ventilated. Open the windows if the aroma becomes too intense.
  • Don’t add carrier oils to the diffuser as this may cause it to break.
  • Periodically clean the essential oil diffuser using soap and warm water to maintain its effectiveness and prevent build-up of bacteria or mould.

Tips for Care & Maintenance

Exact maintenance recommendations vary from one essential oil diffuser to another. Diffuser manuals should be read thoroughly to know how to care for and maintain a certain device.

Reading online product reviews can also help one to know how to clean and maintain a particular essential oil diffuser. As a general rule of thumb, here are some tips for care and maintenance-

Tip 1

Tip 1

Unplug an electric essential oil diffuser from its power outlet before cleaning.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Remove water and oil after every use to keep it clean and cut back on cleaning time

Tip 3

Tip 3

When removing excess water, pour from the back of the device to avoid spilling on the buttons.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean all parts of an atomizing diffuser.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Rinse and wipe an essential oil diffuser after every use using clean water and a cloth.

Tip 6

Tip 6

Deep clean a diffuser 1 to 2 times every month.

Tip 7

Tip 7

Only use natural cleaners that do not have chemical additives while cleaning an essential oil diffuser because harsh chemicals can ruin the effectiveness of the diffuser.

Tip 8

Tip 8

Use 10 drops of white vinegar to disinfect and break down any oils embedded inside the diffuser

Tip 9

Tip 9

Fill the device halfway with clean water and stop well below the maximum mark.

Tip 10

Tip 10

Avoid placing the essential oil diffuser in direct sunlight.

Alternatives to the Best Essential Oil Diffuser

If an essential oil diffuser is not available, there are some other alternative methods such as:

Simple Tissue Diffusion

Alternatives to the Best Essential Oil Diffuser in TestPour a few drops of essential oil onto a tissue paper and place the tissue nearby. As movement happens in the room, the aroma from the oils will spread through the air. This is a perfect diffusion method in public areas like in a work cubicle or in an airplane when it is not possible to diffuse essential oil across the whole room or space.

Steam Diffusion

Boil two cups of water. Pour the hot water into a bowl and add a maximum of ten drops of essential oil. Fewer drops should be used for an essential oil that might cause irritation to the mucous membrane e.g. cinnamon, thyme, eucalyptus, cajuput, rosemary and pine. The steam heats the essential oils and causes them to disperse via evaporation quickly into the air.

Candle Diffusion

Light a soy or pure beeswax candle and let it burn for five minutes. Put off the candle then carefully place a single drop of essential oil on the melted candle wax and then relight the candle. Do not pour the oil on the wick and practice caution because essential oils are highly flammable.


Are essential oil diffusers safe?

Most essential oils are safe to diffuse. General inhalation is considered a safe way of using essential oils that pose a low risk level. It is highly unlikely that the concentration of any kind of essential oil will rise to risky levels because of vaporisation.

However, due to increased sensitivity, some essential oils should not be diffused in the presence young children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly.

Which is the best electric essential oil diffuser in the UK?

VicTsing Ultrasonic Electric Essential Oil Diffuser, D-Land Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser For Essential Oils, Pebble Aroma Essential Oils Vaporizer Diffuser Cool Mist, Zenbow Colour Alternating Light Electric Oil Diffuser and Excelvan Colour Changing Air Diffuser For Essential Oil are among the best electric essential oil diffusers on the market in accordance to online consumer reviews.

Can a diffuser be used as a humidifier?

Yes, the best essential oil diffusers do add moisture to the air, but most diffusers will only add small quantities of humidity to the air.

Which are the best aromatherapy diffusers in the UK?

Made by Zen Alto Diffuser, Lumie IRIS 500 Body Clock, Rested Squair Diffuser, Tisserand Aroma Spa Diffuser and Esteban Art Edition Ultrasonic Electric Diffuser are among the best aromatherapy diffusers in the UK in accordance to online consumer reviews.

Can you use any kind of essential oil with an oil diffuser?

Questions about the Best Essential Oil DiffuserNo, not all kinds of essential oils are suitable for an oil diffuser. Reading product reviews can help one to know which essential oils are best-suited for a particular diffuser. Some of the best essential oils to diffuse alone in an oil diffuser are- lavender, peppermint, lemon, frankincense and grapefruit.

A lavender scent is calming and relaxing; a peppermint scent helps to improve concentration, relieve pain and curb seasonal allergies; a lemon scent uplifts, detoxifies, cleanses and energizes; a frankincense scent is good for balancing, improving focus and curbing anxiety; while a grapefruit scent helps to decrease food cravings, and enhance good moods. This information has been derived from online reviews.

What is the best essential oil diffuser in the UK?

Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser, Esta Aroma Diffuser, The Body Source Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier, ESEOE Diffuser, and Muji Aroma Diffuser are among the best essential oil diffusers in the UK for 2019 according to online consumer reviews.

For how long should you diffuse essential oils?

Though there several factors that might affect how long essential oils can be diffused, the standard is 15-30 minutes at a time in an average-size room. This is sufficient to fill the room with a subtle aroma that can last for several hours. Consumers should also read product reviews to know how long they should diffuse essential oils from a particular essential oil diffuser.

What kind of water should I use in an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser?

For most essential oil diffusers, tap or bottled water is recommended. Water temperature also affects the mist released. Warmer water usually creates a fuller mist whereas cold water can lead to less mist as it inhibits ultrasonic waves.

What should I do if my diffuser is not misting very strongly?

If a diffuser isn’t misting strongly, there are some things you can do:

  • Check the water level- if the water level is too high, the mist won’t come out strongly. It is recommended to fill the water below the max fill mark.
  • Ensure the device is resting on a firm, flat surface, don’t place it on a soft surface like a towel.
  • Also ensure the device is not placed directly under a fan or an air vent.

What are some of the downsides of using essential oil diffusers?

The main downside of essential oil diffusers is sensory adaptation. After using essential oil diffusers for a while, the olfactory receptors adapt to the smell, therefore you will not able to sense the aroma after a few minutes.



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