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Are you lucky enough to have a garden or allotment? Then you might be in the club of 27 million other people in the UK that also have green fingers! If you are, then our editorial team is here to help you out with expert advice, such as when the best times are to plant certain flora, how you can go about picking the exact variety of each plant you need, and how to get a garden that’s flowering every month of the year!

Do you lie on the other end of the spectrum and just gained your own garden but have no idea where to start with it? Then our team is here to help you too! With beginners advice like how to plant seeds in the best way and look after them to sprout, why certain types of plants don’t want to be watered every day and what you should plant and what you should keep potted!

Plants, of course, come in all shapes and sizes and if you’re looking to improve your green space then we’re here to help you out. Our independent reviews will look at flower shops both online and offline to find the best balance of price and quality. We’ll guide you through what edible foods you should plant, where you should buy the seeds, and when to plant them, if you want to enjoy home-grown produce.

We can also help if you’re just on the hunt for some houseplants to make your indoor space a bit brighter! Houseplants have been shown to improve the mental health of the people occupying with them, and they are also great at battling SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in the winter months!

So whatever it is you need to find out about plants, we’re here to help you out and guide you through the world of flora!

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