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Garden Tools

Gardens need to be well maintained to maintain their aesthetics. However, this activity takes time and requires the right garden tools to deliver an attractive garden. It requires the hedges, grass and bushes to be regularly trimmed using lawnmowers and pruners. The best in the category of pruners would be the Felco F-2 classic manual hand pruner which has hardened steel blades with aluminium handles making them rustproof. This is suitable for pruning small shrubs and trees given its ability to cut through branches which are an inch thick without any major effects on the blade or jamming thereon. The Felco-F2 is also padded with rubber pads to make it comfortable to hold and work with. The pruners also come with ergonomic features for more comfort and usually has a lifetime warranty. Other products in the F series are the F-6 suitable for smaller hands and the F-8 and F-7 which has ergonomic handles.

For the lawnmower, Bosch is the best option as they have a range of electric lawnmowers which are environment-friendly. Bosch is the largest manufacturer of electric gardening tools the world over has requisite experience of making lawnmowers that are easy to use. Most gardeners prefer this brand to others. The Bosch Rotak 43 is an all-time favourite amongst gardeners with a typical price of 179 Euros. It is superior in that it is all-electric hence the running costs are significantly lower than their petrol-fueled counterparts not forgetting its environmental friendliness.

Ever-Growing can help you select the best gardening tools with the distinct qualities of being easy to use, environmentally friendly and durable with low running costs. The F series pruning shears prove just this with their ergonomic features which make it easy to use and their hardened steel blades which make these shears durable as they cannot rust. The Bosch Rotak series lawnmower is suitable for any gardener as well given the fact that it is powered by affordable renewable energy backed by the warranty from the leading gardening tools manufacturer in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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