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The telephone is without a doubt one of the most marvelous inventions in history. Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone in 1876. A phone allows two or more users to have a conversation when they’re not near each other. It converts sound to electronic signals that are transferred through cables or other network channels to another phone, which reproduces the sound to the other user.

However, it has come a long way and gone are the days when it was simply a way to call others. The landline telephone was eventually replaced by mobile phones for added convenience. The first hand-held phones entered the market in 1973, and the trend for smartphones was introduced in 1999. Nowadays, the phone is a hub of the digital age. It serves as a tool to communicate with other people, browse the internet, pay bills, play music and games, take photos, record video etc. Sometimes, phones serve as an identity card.

Due to the convenience of modern smartphones, the younger generation often finds it hard to understand how older generations survived in the past without these devices. Smartphones are without a doubt an indispensable part of life in the modern world. Almost everyone has their own mobile gadget. If it malfunctions, many of us get overwhelmed fast. The market is filled with numerous manufacturers (e.g., Apple, Samsung, Google Huawei etc.) who are offering different smartphone models. Due to the wide selection, it can be hard to pick the right device. To make the journey easier, the team at Ever Growing has come up with a comprehensive comparison guide of different phone models.

Check out the comparison table to see which phone suits your needs best. Is the product our comparison winner? Or is it the one with the best price ratings? In this guide you’ll find links to important details about the manufacturer and customer ratings on Amazon. The prices of the products are also available on the comparison table. Given that there’s no price listed, feel free to click on the product to access the Amazon product page.

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