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Since the introduction of computer back in 19th century by Charles Babbage as an analytical engine, computer has increased and improved in speed, design and storage among other elements.Numerous improvement have been experienced from the first generation where vacuum tubes were used for processing to fifth generation where artificial intelligence is currently in use.Computer has evolved through all those generation and development to become a very useful tool that is used in all areas of life today.

Why computer and Factors to be considered
Computer has become very powerful and important in today’s world because of its accuracy, fast and can accomplish multiple tasks easily than when done manually.
However when choosing a computer, factors such as reasonable price, high processing and storage capabilities, quality and brand should be highly considered.

Uses of computers
Computer is used to keep track of all business transaction and customers records in a business.
In hospitals, computers are used as storage facilities.Database are created to store patients personal details and their treatment records.
Banks use computers to track all money transaction and offer banking services such as money transfer through internet banking.
Computers are also used in home as source of entertainment to watch movies,play music and video games both online and offline.

Brands of computers
Mac-book- is a brand of Macintosh laptop by Apple which consist of two models; mac book air and mac book pro. The latest model in the market currently is Mac Book air 13.
ACER- is a computer brand with Acer Swift 1 model as it’s latest release. The latest brand consist of ; Intel Pentium N5000 processor, 20h battery life,HDMI, 1x USB 3.1, 2x USB 3.0 versatile connection among other features.
Despite these brands, Ever-Growing offers multiple choices of trusted and widely known computer brands with adequate description.

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