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Cameras help us preserve memories, good and bad. The pictures from a good holiday can cheer us up on a blue day and remind that it is time to go on another trip. Phones with in-built cameras have gotten a lot better over the years, but a camera devoted to making pictures and videos will always be superior. Lens technology on a phone is far from that offered on a basic camera. A good lens reduces shake and will aid the digital focus on the image sensors.


Image sensor technology has made huge advancements over the last 10 years. Pictures from a low-range camera beat most pictures made with high-end cameras from a decade earlier. High-resolution photography gives us the choice of getting more from pictures post-production. Big manufacturers offer more choice than ever and choosing a suitable holiday camera is a tough task. How long does a battery last compared to another brand of the same specifications? Is it worth spending hundreds on a camera, when other brands appear to sell the same product for half the price? Ever-Growing has created a way to compare items in an intuitive, simple fashion.


Customer reviews are a valid tool, but vary on personal preference, and depend on the competence of the user. Ever-Growing uses experts to evaluate products, our tests use a scientific approach. Our standardised results that allow shoppers to make an informed choice. Ever-Growing keeps up with the latest developments in the industry. We publish regular updates and scrutinise the quality of pictures and the strength of the cameras. For those looking to buy a camera, we source price comparisons of different vendors selling the same product. All products are displayed on a virtual store-shelf. Simply choose several cameras to start comparing, click to buy, and have fun making a lifetime of memories.

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