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Best Outdoor TV Antenna 2021 • 7 Outdoor TV Antennas Reviews

An outdoor TV antenna is placed outside the house and allows access to free TV signal. Our team has compiled a report on some of the best outdoor TV antenna and their use testimonials.

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Outdoor TV Antenna Leaderboard 2021

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Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 25
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 33
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 370

What is An Outdoor TV Antenna?

Outdoor TV antennas are TV antennas that are used by TV owners to receive local and free TV signals in their area. Typically, they are used by people who are located on the outskirts of most towns. These places are quite far off from TV towers, and thus the signal might not get there is good quality should an indoor antenna be put to use.

How Does An Outdoor TV Antenna Work

Outdoor TV antennas are used to receive local and free to air TV signals. TV stations have towers that are located on the top of the buildings that the stations are hosted at. These towers transmit VHF and UHF TV signals. These two happen to be among the oldest form of TV signals that you can find anywhere in these modern times.
What the outdoor antenna does is tap into these signals that are transmitted from the TV tower. The antenna, then relays these signals into the TV via a cable and the signals then get converted into the motion pictures that are seen on the TV screen. What the TV antenna does is just to act like a magnet and tap these signals then relay them via cable to the TV. Note here that the TV antenna is not responsible for converting the signals into motion pictures that are seen on the TV screen.

What Are The Applications And Advantages Of Using Outdoor TV Antennas

The outdoor TV antenna is used on the exterior of the house or room where a TV is in. These antennas are very beneficial for people who live in areas where there is no wifi signal or where there is no reach of fibre optic cables. Modern TV is relayed majorly via cable and via the internet. The outdoor antenna, however, helps relay TV signals in VHF and UHF signals that do no use any of this medium. It, therefore, shows that outdoor TV antenna is beneficial to people that live in remote areas or areas that are prone to adverse weather conditions.

Advantages of Outdoor TV Antenna

Significant advantages from a Outdoor TV Antenna comparison review for customersSeveral benefits accrue to a person that applies the use of outdoor TV antenna. These are some of the ones that our team was able to come up with after researching a few reviews.

It is more affordable

For most people, paying cable TV or satellite TV is a task that presses hard on their budgets. With outdoor TV antennas, however, you can get free local TV signals. All that one needs to do is just pay the initial amount to pay for the purchase of the antenna and have it installed at their place. No regular monthly fees are applicable with an outdoor TV antenna.

Better quality

Cable and satellite TV is easily affected by bad weather conditions. The same however cannot be said of an outdoor TV antenna. Even with harsh weather conditions they still transmit high-quality VHF and UHF signals.

Additionally, the video and image quality on these two signals is not compressed compared to when sent over satellite TV. This helps to ensure that one continues to get the best quality video and TV signal at all times.

Easy installation

Although a quick Google search would reveal a couple of TV antenna installers in your area, the process of installing such antennas is easy. Once bought, the product comes with an easy to follow installation guideline that allows you to set it up and receive TV signals.

Types of outdoor TV antenna available

What is a Outdoor TV Antenna review and comparison?There are several types of TV antennas available. Each is suited with elements that enable it to work best given certain conditions.

Directional antenna

These are TV antennas that focus on receiving signals from only one transmitter at a time. These type of antennas are best suited for areas where there is only one transmitter available close by or if a person wants to get one particular signal. The following are the pros and cons you will find listed in many reviews.


  • The signal is much stronger hence better quality


  • Can only focus on signals from one transmitter at a time.

Multidirectional antenna

Where and how can I use a Outdoor TV Antenna review winner correctly?These are antennas that can receive signals from several transmitters at a single time. These are best suited for areas with multiple transmitters and for a person aiming to get several signals at a go. From reviews, these are the pros and cons.


  • Can receive multiple signals at the same time.
  • One does not have to switch the position of the antenna now and then.


  • Receive weaker signals compared to directional antennas

Hybrid antenna

What types of Outdoor TV Antenna are there in a comparison review?From available reviews, these are antennas that are a blend of both directional and multidirectional antennas. They can work as directional antennas and focus on one single transmitter or can adjust and focus on multiple transmitters. You can expect the following pros and cons.


  • Have fairly better signal quality compared to a multidirectional TV antenna.
  • Can easily be switched between the two traits by the touch of a button.


  • Do not avail the best quality signals.

Buying Guide for Outdoor TV antenna

When going out to buy a TV antenna or even if you are ordering it online, there are a few things that you best need to be aware of. There are typical defects that one will not once they have the antenna set up. Some of the most common ones are

Missing cables

What should I watch out for when purchasing a Outdoor TV Antenna review winner?This is common especially if one is ordering the TV antenna online. The packaging may not contain all the equipment and components that make up the antenna. It is crucial that you call, the store from where you ordered the product and aks what might have gone wrong during packaging. More often than not, you will either be sent the other missing components or be asked to return the product and be mailed a whole new set. To know whether there is any part that is missing from the package, it is always a good idea to have a look at the manual. The manual will always have a picture of an already set up TV antennae. From this diagram, you are able to compare with your own outdoor antennae and know what exactly is missing.

When contacting your supplier with regards to any missing components. It is more effective so that to get the best response; you be able to point out exactly which item is missing. Again, the manual can be very handy as it contains all the names of the parts of the TV antenna. In case the manual is also missing, feel free to enlist the service of a technician to help you figure out what is missing. Reading a review of the product can also come in handy.

Poor signal

The most important advantages from a Outdoor TV Antenna review winner in overviewA poor signal may be as a result of bad weather or because of a defect in the product itself. For poor signal, it is quite easy to note since it will be evident immediately the TV is turned on. However, it is always a good thing to go the extra mile to ensure that the poor signal is not something self-imposed. By self-imposed we mean it is as a result of positioning your antennae in the wrong manner or the wrong direction. It is important to note that placing your antennae while it faces the opposite direction to the transmitter, it will affect the signal quality. This is regardless of the distance between your antennae and the transmitter. Setting up the antennae facing the right direction is essential.

If the positioning of the TV antennae has been noted to be correct, but there is still an issue with the quality of the signal being transmitted, the weather could then be a problem. If it is either too windy or it has rained too much in a couple of hours preceding the reception of the poor signal, it is advisable that you give the TV antennae time and all will be well in no time. But if the weather is good and the signal is still poor, then it could be a problem with the configuration on the free to air box. Conducting either a manual or automatic search is going to help to sort things out. Patience is required though since when the signal is poor, the search may take way too long to complete.

Lastly, on the poor signal, checking with your neighbour can help. At times, you may not that your TV is not getting a good signal, but your neighbour has a very clear one. Talking to him or her to help you with configuring your outdoor antennae can help. Also, reading online reviews about a particular antenna is a good way to know how to troubleshoot it in case you face such challenges.

Consumer Tests in the United Kingdom

Which Outdoor TV Antenna models are there in a comparison review?The best products get validation from being tested by real users or experts in the industry and getting reviews written about them. Here in the UK, the process of choosing an outdoor antenna that will offer you the best quality in terms of TV broadcast can be hard. Below are two consumer tests that were carried out in the UK by a UK review company that our team was able to land hands on and would like to share with you here.

Test One

In the first test whose review we read, the outdoor antenna that was reviewed is the Outdoor Yagi TV aerial. The test focused on three critical areas that as a consumer you will want to focus on to get the most out of your antenna.


The company One for All was able to review the product for a period of time. In this time, it was established that among the best products in the market, this is one of the most durable ones. This antenna has the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and still deliver the best quality TV signals.
The colour on the antenna’s surface, as it was discovered, does not fade off due to exposure to the rain. Even in areas with a lot of air pollution, the antenna’s surface remained fairly good and would still pass for a new to anyone that is not keen enough. It was also found that the antenna is 100% waterproof.


How does a Outdoor TV Antenna work in a review and comparison?You probably have had those nasty experiences where a phone call quickly disrupted the TV signal. The test on this antenna, however, found out that the antenna has a unique 3G/4G filter that blocked out these waves. This helps to ensure that the TV signal remains at the best quality despite an incoming or outgoing call.


The installation of this antenna is regarded as one of the easiest processes that you can get anywhere. The antenna is fitted with a clear user manual that enabled the testers to assemble it in three easy steps. The accompanying cables and connectors and all the other fixing materials best make this an easy process that is pleasurable as well.

Test Two

Another test carried out focused on the Labgear lhg10t antenna. The test focused on the following key aspects.

Signal Strength

This is one of the few TV antennas in the market that does not have an amplifier which is a common thing in many of the modern designs.

The absence of an amplifier, however, is compensated by a mechanism to block out 4G waves to ensure the best quality signal all through. According to the testers, this is a very vital tool that ensures no signal is lost or the quality is affected by the presence of mobile phones in an area.

Picture Quality

The exact Functionality of a Outdoor TV Antenna in a review and in a comparison?This outdoor antenna when tested was able to deliver picture quality of 1080p without any form of interference. Considering this is an antenna with no amplifier, this picture quality is quite impressive and goes to show the impressive capabilities of this antenna when put up even in a densely populated urban area.

Additional materials

Compared to test one above, for the second test, not all materials came with the antenna at the time of purchase. This is not the best news for anyone that would like to set up their antenna immediately and catch a signal right away. The coaxial cable has to be ordered separately. This is a letdown considering that most of the antennas come with a coaxial cable even if it is really small.

From these two tests, it is easy to derive that each antenna purchase needs to be guided by some clear objectives. Buying antennas that have been tested and proved goes a long way in ensuring that you have the best performing antenna servicing you at home. Picture quality is important as is signal strength and all other components that accompany the antenna at the time of purchase. Focus also needs to be given on how the antenna is installed. This especially important if the antenna is to be used somewhere far from the place it was bought. Clear instructional guides as well as the installing materials should accompany the product. Reading reviews on outdoor antennas helps to derive more information from other consumer tests.

Brand Check: which are the Best Brands when it comes to Outdoor TV antenna

Choosing the best outdoor TV antenna should always be your priority. Whether this decision is based on reading reviews of the brands or because of advice from a friend, it all boils won to one thing, getting the best product. This team has compiled a list of some of the best brands in the market. Here are some reviews on the same.

  • 1byone
  • ClearStream
  • Vilso
  • Ailuki
  • BoostWaves
  • Channel Master
  • 8 Element Bowtie Antenna
  • RCA
  • Winegard
  • Best Choice Products
This is a high-performance antenna that is regarded as one of the best in the market. It is especially praised for its ability to pick signals from as far as 80 miles. This provides for convenience and reliability should you be located on the outskirts of a major town. The antenna receives both UHF and VHF signals. It comes with a coax cable and a mounting pole. All these are coupled up with an easy to understand user manual to help you in setting up the antenna. Additionally, other reviews state that the antennas can deliver high-quality video form 720p, 1080i and 1080p. This provides for a user experience like no other.
This is one of the best products our team has written a review about in a very long time. The antenna has a compact design that would almost make you underrate it the first time that you see it. However, it can pick UHF and VHF signals from as far as 60 miles. The compact design allows for a comfortable installation and use even in urban areas where the use of an outdoor TV antenna might be a challenge due to limited space. In addition to those features, the patented loop design of the antenna helps it block out any interference with how the signal is being relayed. This allows for a smooth and enjoyable transmission of the TV signal. The antenna can transmit video quality of up to 1080p on all local broadcasters in any given area.
This is a 150-mile range signal receiver antenna. This antenna is regarded as the best in its field because of its long-range capabilities. The antenna receives signals in both UHF and VHF format providing for a pleasant user experience rivalled by only a few. It has a 360-degree rotation capability on the antenna that allows you to use a remote to rotate it. This helps to point the antenna in the direction that helps you capture the strongest signal.

Additionally, it can move forwards and backwards to ensure that no instances of entanglement are witnessed. With this antenna, you get the best TV signal at the quality of 1080p. It also has a built-in signal amplifier for even stronger signals.

This lightweight antenna made of plastic and aluminium is the best choice for anyone that is looking for a long range outdoor antenna. The Aluki Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna as you will find out from this review is a 150-mile range receiver. It is one of the amazing antennas under the Aluki line. It comes with an inbuilt rotation mechanism that allows you to point it towards the direction where the strongest signal is coming from. The Aluki works best when placed at a distance of at least 30 feet from the ground. At this height, it delivers both UHF and VHF signals at a high quality of 1080p. This is a really good choice for remote areas that may be far off from TV transmission towers.
Ranked among the best products on this list due to the foldable properties that make it easily portable. The BoostWaves Outdoor antenna comes with built-in rotor that is also remote controlled. This allows you to switch the direction towards which the antenna is pointing easily. This antenna has received so many good reviews, especially because it comes up to 50 feet of cable that allow you to place it at the highest point possible. This allows for the capture of even much stronger signal for the best quality. With this antenna, most reviews pose, one can get HDTV on both the UHF and VHF signals. This is made possible through the inbuilt amplifier that comes with the antenna. Overall, it can receive signals from a 125-mile range.
Following religiously in their brand name meaning, this line of bow-tie looking antenna never fail to make the mark on any best antenna review list you read anywhere. They are reliable 70-mile range signal receivers that can serve well even under harsh weather. With this line of antennas, one is guaranteed to get high-quality VHF and UHF signal that can comfortably support 1080p video quality. The installation and mounting processes are easy, and you can have any antenna set up in a very short time. Their compactness is a plus when it comes to portability. Durable cables, as well as the warranty on parts, ensure that this brand of antennas serve you and do that well for a long time. Inbuilt amplifiers allow for a stronger signal reception as well as better quality sound alongside the quality picture display.
This is a brand that we highly recommend because of its qualities. The antennas are easy to install as they come with an easy to follow mounting and installation guide. They also come with reflectors that help to prevent any multipath signal interference. This guarantees that you get the best signal quality possible.

Additionally, their products come with a lifetime warranty on parts. They can also pick up signals from a distance as far as 70 miles. The flexible brackets design allows the antennas to receive signals from multiple towers and locations to ensure that at all times you have the best experience watching your TV. Upon purchase, the packaging includes two coaxial cables of 28” length. This allows you to set it up high enough to get a strong signal.

The RCA brand is known for its 60-mile range receivers. They come with an easy to follow installation manual making it the best choice for anyone that has no technical experience installing antennas. It is a good choice for people living on the outskirts of town, though it may be a little bit inconveniencing in a hilly place. In such an instance the use of an amplifier is recommended. These antennas can deliver quality 1080p pictures over VHF and UHF signals. They come with a 365 days warranty on the entire product and all components. Each package also comes with the mounting hardware included in it.
This is another top brand in the field of antennas. Their products guarantee that you receive both UHF and VHF signals over a radius of 45 miles from the transmitting towers. They also feature uninterrupted digital signal receptors that guarantee minimal downtimes on your TV signal. This ensures that you are able to enjoy broadcasting without any interference. This is the only brand in the market that fits precision mounted electronics on their antennas for better signal gain capacity.
One among the few brands in the outdoor antenna market that offer products with all round rotation capabilities. Their products are come with a remote control to allow you to rotate the antenna without necessarily having to go outside the house. Combine this with 150 mile average signal reception capabilities to all their products and what you have is a clear relay of both VHF and UHF signals. This is the one brand that guarantees you an antenna that can withstand the harshest weather conditions and still give the best picture quality on your TV.

User Guide When It Coomes To Outdoor TV Antennas

History of TV Antennas

The Bestsellers in a Outdoor TV Antenna review and comparisonOutdoor TV antennas became common after the advent of digital broadcasting. Previously in the manual television, rabbit ears or indoor TV antennas that were invented at the start of the 20th century were good enough. By this time, the use f TV had not spread so much, and the TV was a luxury that could only be afforded by the select few. The movement from manual to digital broadcasting presented a new dynamic. People needed to be provided with the best TV signal that could enable them to enjoy TV programming. Thus it was necessary to create a solution for this. Here is where the concept of UHF signals came in.

UHF signals could be transmitted from TV towers in major towns to other areas. This gave a chance for people in far-flung areas to also get a TV signal. The UHF signal could however not be transmitted to those far areas using the indoor TV antenna. This led to the development of the outdoor TV antenna that we know today. It started as a simple product that was then evolved to the sophisticated and compact product that we now know as a TV antenna.

Facts and Numbers

Some interesting facts will blow your mind with concern to an outdoor TV antenna. Some of them are as follows.

Stronger signal

Using an outdoor TV antenna boosts your signal strength by 50%. Outdoor is where the best signal can be found and hence using an outdoor TV antenna will give you a stronger signal and a better watching experience.

You can be killing your own signal

For a lot of people, they prefer to break up the signal at particular points or share it out with other television sets in the house. If you take time to read many of the antenna reviews online, you will learn that this only works to weaken the signal.

Identify the transmitter first

Currently the best products in a Outdoor TV Antenna review overviewOne of the most interesting reviews that our team came across stated that it is necessary that you first identify where the transmitter is before setting up the antenna. This will help you to focus exclusively on getting the strongest signal from the transmitter. This is one thing that mpst reviews do not highlight.

Different roof areas vary in signal strength

Another review that we came across revealed something interesting that most of us do wrong. We assume that the antenna can be mounted anywhere on the roof and it will get a signal. The signal strength varies at different points on the roof.

Customising your own Antenna

Customising your own outdoor TV antenna is possible. In one review that we had a chance to read, one individual had ordered online a customised outdoor TV antenna. According to the remarks that he made of the product, it was the best product he had ever had. This customisation was in terms of the coaxial cable that comes with the antenna. At an extra fee, he was able to get a longer cable that enabled him to mount his antenna even much higher. One can also ask for customisations in terms of the shape of the antenna.

Reviews available online reveal a close relationship between the shape of the antenna and its ability to capture strong signals. More people are opting for antenna shapes that draw in the waves that contain the signals and thus concentrating them at one point. This offers a stronger signal.

You can also have an additional coating of paint made added on your ordered antenna. This helps with rusting. In areas that rain very often or where there is a lot of air pollution, it is common for incidents of antennas experiencing rusting. However, having an additional paint coating helps to guard against this and maintain the antenna in its best condition.

Safety Instructions

When you read any review online on how to observe safety when it comes to outdoor antennas, one common thing is lightning. Normally, people mount their antenna on metallic rods, considering that, most of them are usually about 30 feet above the ground; they act as lighting arrestors. This is because they are good conductors of electricity. It is therefore advisable that the best time to work on your antenna is when the weather is clear, and there is no fear of lightning striking while you are at work. Also, it helps to ensure that all procedures that involve the setting up of lighting arrestors are followed when setting up your antenna. This helps to avoid any unforeseen injuries that may arise from adverse weather.

Additionally, ensuring that o electricity lines are connected to your mounting rod goes a long way in ensuring safety. Lastly, anyone that climbs the roof or attic to turn or maintain a mounting rod needs to observe caution. Falling from such a height can have fatal results.

Steps For Installing An Antenna

Tips 1: Identify where the broadcasting tower is located

Tips 1: Identify where the broadcasting tower is located

Knowing exactly where the transmitting tower is provided for the best chance to position your antenna correctly. When you read through any review online, you will find that pointing your antenna towards this transmitting tower will make you get a stronger signal.

Tips 2: Assemble the antenna structure

Tips 2: Assemble the antenna structure

What follows is to assemble the antenna parts and come up with the shell that will be mounted. Here, the best advice is to follow the setup guidelines provided in the user manual. Setting up the antenna wrongly could leave you with a weak antenna that could be defective after a while.

Tips 3: Identify the mounting area

Tips 3: Identify the mounting area

Identify the location of the roof or house where you want the antenna to be mounted. This area should allow the antenna to be at least 30 feet from the ground. Additional height can be add3ed via the mounting rod. All the safety precautions outlined above or which you might find in any reviews you come cross should also be followed here.

Tips 4: Set up the antenna

Tips 4: Set up the antenna

Once you have done the above three, it is time to set up the antenna on top of your roof. Connect it to your TV or digital box and search to get all your best TV shows.

Ten Tips for Maintaining Your Antenna

Tip 1

Tip 1

Check against instances of rusting. Rusting can lead to your antenna becoming weak and less appealing. It is important to add a layer of paint to protect your antenna.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Keep a check against the possibility of birds making nests on the antenna or the mounting pole it is on.

Tip 3

Tip 3

Inspect the cable from time to time to ensure no damage by rodents or possibility of anyone tapping onto your signal.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Change the adapters whenever you note that they are worn out.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Ensure that neither the mounting pole nor the antenna comes into contact with an electric cable.

Tip 6

Tip 6

Place at it at the point you note has the strongest signal on the roof.

Tip 7

Tip 7

In case you are living in a hilly or forested area, it is best if you buy a signal amplifier to help boost the signal.

Tip 8

Tip 8

In case your antenna contains a rotor, make sure you put it to use now and then to ensure it’s still working.

Tip 9

Tip 9

Ensure that your antenna is placed in a place where not so many others are located to allow for stronger signal reception.

Tip 10

Tip 10

Ensure that your mounting pole is firmly fixed to prevent any instances where it sways due to wind currents.

Useful Accessories

Different areas of application from a Outdoor TV Antenna comparison reviewSeveral accessories can be coupled up together with your antenna to make it have a stronger signal and give you the best user experience. Some of them are;


These are devices that help to boost the signal that is received by the antenna. They are best suited for use in areas that are hilly, forested or experience adverse weather conditions. In these areas, the signal is often too weak despite homeowners having a long range antenna. The amplifiers increase the antenna’s ability to attract these signals from the transmitting tower. An amplifier, as you may have read in an online review is a cost-effective way of improving your signal strength.

Wide range beamers

These are cone-shaped metallic objects that help to focus the signal that is received from multiple transmitters into one area on the antenna. This allows the antenna to have a stronger signal relay compared to when it works without one.


Which is the best outdoor tv antenna in the UK?

Different Applications from a Outdoor TV Antenna comparison reviewWhen it comes to TV antennas, there is no magical tv antenna. Usually, the location of a person will affect the quality of the signal received. Also, the type of antenna will affect the strength of the signal received.

Where can I get outdoor antennas?

Outdoor antennas can be ordered online or from local stores. Buying locally, however, is the best alternative as one benefit from a live demonstration of the product.

Which are the best antennas for rural areas?

For rural areas, long-range antennas are the best option. These are typically antennas with a range of 150 miles.

Does using aluminium foil strengthen my signal?

Covering your antenna with an aluminium foil helps to improve the strength of the signal. This is recommended for people in areas with poor signal.

Does Wi-Fi affect the TV signal?

Wi-Fi and TV signals are not transmitted on the same band. Therefore, Wi-Fi will not affect the transmission of TV signals.


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