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Best 4K Monitor 2021 • 7 4K Monitors Reviews

4K monitors are quickly growing in popularity, mainly since the best content is now being produced in 4K. Our team went through many reviews and studies on the best 4K monitors and was able to come up with a conclusive list of the best products.

Pieter Marneweck

I am both a freelance writer and an avid technology enthusiast. I write about a wide variety of topics for both business and pleasure, but always with the reader in mind.

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Tested Products 7
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Hours Spent 20
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 14
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 725

What is a 4K Monitor?

A 4K monitor is one which supports 4K resolution. This resolution standard is quite high as the pictures will have 4,000 pixels. For comparison, the pixels in 4K pictures are four times those of standard high definition pictures. The exact number of pixels on the width of the pictures is 3,840, and this is almost four times that of the standard HD pictures.

The length of 4K resolution pictures has 2,160 pixels. You should note that there are many unstandardised 4K versions available. It is best to go with monitors that use the 3840 by 2160 version as it is used the most.

How Does a 4K Monitor Work?

A 4K monitor is simply meant to show pictures in the best form of clarity. It can still show pictures in lower resolutions perfectly. To use a 4K monitor, you will need to upgrade your GPU to at least 2K.

Advantages and Applications

Advantages from a 4k Monitor comparison reviewIn past reviews, buyers have mentioned that they appreciated the fact that they could buy large 4K monitors without sacrificing picture quality. Another reason noted in their reviews was that the best videos and images are now being produced in ultra-HD.

This is fast becoming the new standard resolution. To make sure you don’t miss out on this content, you should consider shopping for some of the best 4K monitors. With the higher resolution, you will be able to watch clearer and sharper pictures and videos. 4K monitors have been around for a while now, and they have had sufficient time to drop in price. You can now get some of the best 4K monitors for a fraction of their original prices.

These monitors are especially useful to people who watch lots of videos and pictures on their computers. Also, gamers will appreciate the enhanced appearance of the characters and settings in their PC games. Another group that would enjoy using 4K monitors is people who frequently edit photos and videos on their computers.

If you are buying a monitor right now, you should also consider the fact that lower resolutions are becoming obsolete, although slowly. 4K resolution monitors will be around for a very long time, so if you buy one now, there will not be any risk of it becoming useless dirt in the near future.

You only need to go through the reviews of our selected best products, and you can be sure you will get a decent monitor.

What Types of 4K Monitors Are there?

What types of 4k Monitors are there in a comparison review?In the past, people had to choose between CRT and LCD monitors. But those days are long gone. Now, consumers have to decide whether they will purchase flat or curved 4K monitors. In this section, we will review the difference between these two types of monitors.

First, you should note that flat and curved monitors are both reviewed in the list of the best 4K monitors. The primary difference between the two types is the immersion you experience. Curved monitors tend to absorb you into a different virtual world, and that is why they are very popular among gamers. They somehow replicate a 3D experience without the need for goggles and other headsets. Flat monitors, on the other hand, offer a plain experience. You will simply complete the tasks you were handling without enjoying the experience as much.

As many reviewers have noted, curved monitors experience minimal distortion, if any. This is not because they never experience network issues or hardware issues. It is simply because of the science of light. The best curved monitors are designed to direct all the rays to the eyes of the viewer, meaning you will be unlikely to notice any blurriness. On the other hand, flat monitors direct all their rays in a straight line. Some will land in your eye while others will go past you. This is why you will easily notice distortion on a flat 4K monitor. Even the best flat monitors will occasionally get reviews touching on the problem of distortion.

Reviewers have also mentioned that they feel more comfortable looking at curved screens as opposed to flat ones. This is also because of the physics of the monitors. The curved nature allows you to view everything on the screen without straining. With flat monitors, you will have to strain to see everything on the screen. It is worth noting that even on the best curved monitors, you will not see everything at once- the design just makes your eyes feel like they have seen everything.

If you intend to mount your monitor on the wall, you will find it challenging to use a curved 4K monitor. These require special mounts and specific positioning. Flat monitors are a lot easier to mount and should not present you with any significant challenges.

Reviewers have also pointed out that curved 4K monitors will cost you a lot more than flat monitors. If you are working on a tight budget, you can simply go for the flat ones.

The Big 4K Monitor Buyer’s Guide

The best 4K monitors on the market will generally be very expensive. You may not want to pay such high prices for the products but may still want to get a product which comes close to the best monitors. If this sounds like your thought process, you may have to sacrifice some features and pros. Here are some faults and defects you need to look for in 4K monitor reviews:

Low contrast ratio

  • The best Buyer's guides from a 4k Monitor review and comparisonThe best 4K monitors have high contrast ratios. In fact, a 4K monitor with a low contrast ratio may not be worth any of your money as you will not enjoy the image quality. The contrast ratio refers to the difference between the darkest and brightest colours on your monitor. Reviews of monitors with low contrast ratios will usually be very negative since most people buy 4K monitors for the enhanced picture quality. You can also check the manufacturer’s description to see the static and dynamic contrast ratios. The most important of these two measurements is the static contrast ratio.

Low viewing angles

  • The viewing angle refers to the consistency of the screen colour when the monitor is viewed from the side. The best 4K monitors have viewing angles of more than 178 degrees. This is usually indicated by the manufacturer. However, with these electronics, you should not just trust the manufacturer’s claims- check the opinions of other professional reviewers. The details in non-professional reviews can also show you how high or low the viewing angle is.

Low gamut

  • The gamut refers to the number of colours a monitor can display. It is displayed as a percentage and will usually be very high in the best monitors. The average monitor has a gamut of 72% of NTSC. The gamut can also be represented as a percentage of sRGB. The best monitors for general purposes will have a colour gamut of 99% to 100% of sRGB. You can see what other people have to say about the colour accuracy in the reviews of your preferred products.

Small screens

  • When you buy a 4K monitor, you will have the freedom to buy a very large product without having to sacrifice resolution. That does not necessarily mean you have to buy a large screen. You only need to know what you intend to do with the product and decide which size will suit you. Also, you should remember that screen sizes are measured diagonally and not vertically. If you want to do the math, you can measure the length and width of your monitor and calculate the diagonal. That way, you can get a good idea of the size of the monitor you will perform best with.

The screen

  • Some screens are developed with piano-black finishes that quickly catch fingerprints. This is usually reported in the reviews, but you may, unfortunately, have to receive the 4K monitor in order to determine the quality of the finish. Another solution would be to avoid 4K monitors with touch screens simply. Many of the best 4K monitors do not even have a touchscreen feature.

You should plan to check for these features before you make an order for your monitor. The reviews from past buyers should guide you in the right direction. Also, you can check professional reviews for more guidance. It would be best to buy a 4K monitor from a seller who accepts returns.

That way, you will be able to quickly inspect it when it arrives and decide whether it would suit you. If it does not work for you, you can easily send it back and get your money. You should note that many sellers will require you to pay for shipping.

Results and Experiences from Other Consumer Report

The best way to get a conclusive answer as to which is the best or worst 4K monitor is to check reviews of people who have already tested them. The people who came up with the reviews have first-hand experience with the monitors, so they definitely know which ones would suit which types of people. We went through reviews from and and were able to analyse their experiences with the 4K monitors.

For the reviews at, professionals tested 64 of the best 4K monitors. All of them were tested and retested whenever major updates were implemented. The reviews at Livewire follow a similar testing process. Here are the key factors they considered when reviewing the products:

The price

All experiences with the 4k Monitor review winner in review and in comparisonOf course, you can expect the best 4K monitors to be costly. The reviewers at Livewire simply used the price levels to determine the best monitors for people with different budgets.

The screen size

The value of the screen size is subjective, and the reviewers considered this. That is why they created a rank for the best big-screen 4K monitor. The best one can be split into multiple screens, and each screen will have a full 4K display.


In reality, the best 4K monitor should be dedicated to a particular purpose. However, some people want to use a single monitor for work and games. The reviewers ranked the monitors based on the functions they could perform.

Audio quality

4K monitors come with their own speakers. The quality of the audio will differ from one monitor to the other. The reviewers considered the audio quality when ranking these products.

The design

A good Design of the 4K Monitor is very important for our reviewYour monitor will be sitting on your desk all day long. It should at least look good. This is another factor which was taken into account in the reviews. Also, the reviewers considered whether the monitor was flat or curved. Generally, curved monitors are preferred to flat ones.

Picture quality

Even though all these monitors deliver full 4K resolution, they still have some minor differences in picture quality. These differences come from the available settings and the design of the monitors. The reviewers did not emphasise picture quality as there was not much difference in the picture quality of the different products.

The response time

The reviewers also did not focus on the response time of the different 4K monitors. A lower response time generally means that the pictures will be of very high quality. The best 4K monitors have a response time of less than 4 ms.

The colour gamut

The different monitors reviewed also had different colour gamuts. The differences in colour gamuts were quite small, so the reviewers did not pay much attention to this factor.

Top 10 4K Monitor Brands

Here are the best manufacturers of 4K monitors:

  • LG
  • Dell
  • Asus
  • View Sonic
  • HP
  • Samsung
  • Philips
  • BenQ
  • Monoprise
  • AOC
LG is one of the most popular manufacturers of electronics. Their monitors have been cited in many professional reviews as being highly reliable and very high in quality. The company produces special monitors for gaming, and they are also involved in the production of general-purpose 4K monitors. Their monitors are usually specialised, meaning you should shop for their products if you already know what you specifically want to do with the monitor. If you just want to view some documents and watch movies, older 4K monitor models will work perfectly fine. However, if you want to play graphic games, you will have to shop harder as the general models will not serve your purposes well. Even though reviews for LG products are heavily positive, you should understand the products are not affordable to everyone.
Dell has been in the PC industry for a very long time. Almost everyone in the world has handled a Dell monitor at some point in their lives. Reviewers have noted that their monitors are colour-accurate, and that is important to people who intend to buy 4K monitors. You will also appreciate the crisp sounds of their 4K monitors. Their monitors come in different sizes, but it is advisable to go for larger monitors. In past reviews, buyers have been complaining about small screens, but very few complain about larger ones. Dell monitors are generally considered the best for business.
Asus is based in Taiwan, and it is involved in the manufacture of computer and phone hardware. The company sells high-quality 4K monitors at affordable prices. Since you have to sit near your monitor when working, the company install eye care features. With their products, you will be able to work as close to the computer as you want without risking any long-term eye health problems. If you are a gamer, you will appreciate Asus products since they full advantage of 4K technology, HDR capability, and IPS panel. These 4K monitors come in different sizes and designs.
View Sonic is not a very popular 4K monitor brand, but that has nothing to do with the quality of their products. The company has produced multiple award-winning desktop computer monitors. The company offers affordable 4K monitors, but you should note that the cheaper ones usually have some flaws in the build quality. Most of their best products are developed for everyday tasks, meaning they would not accommodate intensive tasks like gaming. A good thing about ViewSonic 4K monitors is the fact that they are designed to look amazing. Some come with tablet-like designs and features. They can even work as Androids and at the same time perform the functions of desktop monitors.
HP monitors are known to provide the best value for money. Their 4K monitors are sleek enough to be placed in an office or other professional settings. Their best products will not be suitable for tasks that are highly graphic such as movie editing or gaming. They are mostly used in accounting firms and for general office work. Some HP monitors have been designed to charge without any cables, and that can reduce the clatter in the office. Their products come in a wide range of sizes, so you should not have a hard to find the best one for your purposes.
Samsung has proved that it can manufacture almost all types of electronics. The company is highly innovative and will give you a wide range of 4K monitors to choose from. If you want to have a great view of the monitor from almost all angles, you can go for the curved models. Samsung 4K monitors are designed to be aesthetically appealing, so you can use them in a professional setting. You can also use them for activities like gaming and video editing.
Philips monitors have been used for a very long time. The monitors are known to help reduce energy consumption, just like many other Philips products. They use a PowerSensor function to reduce energy use by up to 80%, and that makes the monitors ideal for people who want to save the planet. The company manufactures curved as well as flat screen monitors. These products are also great for people who want to live healthily. Some of their best monitors are equipped with built-in sensors that will detect your posture and distance from the screen. The monitor will then remind you to move away from the screen or sit upright. You will also appreciate the fact that these monitors are developed with Ultra Wide-Colour Technology. This feature helps to create realistic and true-to-life images.
BenQ has received great reviews for most of its products. The best product it manufactures currently is the 4K monitor. More specifically, the company produces great monitors for gamers. Many professional players of esports use these monitors since they are reliable and very high in quality. The company also sponsors many esports events, and that has made their monitors the standard for gaming. These monitors offer great performance, but they tend to be a little pricey. Some of the best BenQ gaming monitors include BenQ Zowie XL2540, BenQ Zowie XL2730, BenQ SW320, and BenQ RL2755.
Monoprise has been trying to grow its popularity among gamers. Even though they are far from achieving their goals, you will still appreciate the quality and build of these products. The monitors from this brand are quite affordable, especially in comparison to other competitor products on the market. That being said, they come with multiple flaws. For example, some of the monitors can be too slow for gaming and other purposes. You should note that the monitors come with lengthy warranties. This indicates that the products are very high in quality.
AOC is another lesser-known computer manufacturer. The company is based in Taiwan and is a subsidiary of TPV Technology. This company has received many awards from many places around the world, and these have been for their monitors. Despite their high quality, these monitors are quite affordable. The reviewers noted that they had not found monitors with a faster response time than AOC monitors. Their best products have a response time of 1 ms. Many AOC monitors are not designed with USB ports.



The Development of 4K Display

This is how 4K monitors are developed in our review4K technology was not developed recently. The first 4K display was developed by a young Canadian company known as Dalsa Corporation. The company created a 4K camera known as Dalsa Origin, and this was released to the market in 2003. Dalsa showcased this camera at the NAB Show in 2003 and received four awards for innovation. From there, students in many Ivy League universities started studying and analysing the technology in an attempt to improve it. The technology began improving in 2004, but it was too young for online video uploading companies to recognise it. It was not until 2010 that YouTube finally started supporting 4K video uploads. This move was prompted by the development of many 4K cameras by manufacturers around the world. You should note that videos captured in 4K cannot be viewed on a platform that does not support such high resolutions.

2013 is the year when 4K resolution generated a buzz. YouTube added 2160p in the quality options under their videos, and many PC manufacturers started developing monitors that could view these videos. YouTube also developed its own compression standard for 4K videos: the VP9. This was meant to replace the less-efficient High-Efficiency Video Coding standard.

It is interesting to note that Sony started offering 4K projectors in 2004, but theatres would only start airing movies in 4K in 2011. By 2014, companies like Netflix had also started offering movies in 4K. These movies would only be shown in 4K if your monitor or TV screen was compatible with that level of resolution.

Amazon Studios also started exclusively shooting their documentaries and videos in 4K in 2014, meaning anyone whose devices did not support this standard would not be able to access the content.

Interesting Facts on 4K Monitors and Display

Here are some interesting facts on 4K monitors and displays:

  • All facts from a 4k Monitor reviewThere are many non-standardised versions of 4K displays. These have been used in Samsung, LG, Apple, Canon, and Acer. All of these 4K resolutions are roughly 4 times the standard high definition resolution.
  • The first pay TV to offer content in 4K was DirecTV, a USA satellite provider. It started providing content at this resolution in 2014. In the United Kingdom, BT Sport was the first to offer a 4K feed, and this was in 2015. Their first 4K broadcast was the 2015 FA Community Shield.
  • Even though pictures in smaller resolution can be viewed on 4K monitors, a lot of the colour depth, clarity and overall quality will be lost.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was among the earliest mobile phones that could shoot videos in ultra-HD mode.
  • Asus was the first company to launch a consumer-oriented 4K desktop monitor. This was the 31.5-inch PQ321 monitor.

Safety Instructions When Using Your 4K Monitor

All monitors can be dangerous to the eye. The best ones are designed with eye protection features, but it still would not hurt to take some precautions. Here are some tips to help keep your eyes safe when using your 4K monitor:

  • When using your 4K monitor, look away from the computer every 30 minutes. Try to gaze at a faraway object in order to allow your eyes to rest.
  • Don’t sit very close to your 4K monitor. Try to position it about 20 to 26 inches away as that would strain your eyes a lot less.
  • When setting up your 4K monitor, be sure to adjust the font size and screen resolution. You should not strain your eyes to see or read anything on the screen.
  • Blink frequently- When staring at the monitor, people are likely to blink a lot less. This can make the eyes dry out. You can set a virtual sticky note to remind you to blink every now and then.
  • Set the brightness and contrast levels to a comfortable level. The screen should not be too bright and neither should it be too dull.

How to Replace Your Computer Monitor

We show you how to replace your 4K Monitor in our reviewOnce you purchase your new 4K computer monitor, you will need to install it and dispose of your old one. To do this, you will first have to shut down Windows, turn off the computer, and unplug the old monitor.

For your own safety, you should switch off the main switch before you disconnect the monitor from your computer. You should also not throw the old monitor into the trash as they contain dangerous chemicals. To install the new 4K monitor, you will have to take it out of the box and mount it on your desk. Then check the back of your computer.

Most computers are designed to accommodate more than one type of monitor, so you may be able to see multiple video ports. Try to push the plug of the new monitor into one of the ports, but don’t push too hard. It should slide into the right port easily. If the plug does not fit into any hole, you are either plugging it in the wrong way or your new 4K monitor is not compatible with your computer.

If you manage to plug it in, you will need to push the other end of the cable into your monitor’s ports. Then you can plug the power cord of the monitor and the CPU into the wall. Turn the switch on and watch as it lights up.

Some of the best 4K monitors are sold along with speakers, cameras, and other accessories. You can fix these accessories at the back of the monitor. It is also likely that Windows may not recognise some of the features that came with your new monitor. If this happens, you will simply need to install the drivers that came with your 4K monitor.

If your old monitor is still working, you don’t need to leave it in the trash. You can sell it to a local thrift shop for people who cannot afford to get the newer models. Alternatively, you can call the stores in your area that sell computers.

They might want to recycle yours and could even offer you a store credit. If someone accepts your old monitor, make sure you rub it down with some alcohol and clean it up.

Top 5 Tips to Care for and Maintain Your 4K Monitor

The best 4K monitors will definitely cost you a sizeable amount of money. You will, therefore, need to maintain your monitor so that it lasts you the longest time possible. Here are some tips to help you care for your 4K monitor:

Use a surge protector

Use a surge protector

If you look through the reviews of many electronics, you will realise that damages caused by electrical spikes are not usually covered by a warranty. For this reason, you need to keep your monitor safe by purchasing some of the best surge protectors. If you connect your monitor to the mains using this surge protector, electrical spikes will not be able to damage your monitor.

Don’t block the air vents

Don’t block the air vents

Monitors are designed with air vents to let out excess heat. These vents should never be blocked since the build-up of heat can easily damage the components of your monitor. In the best case scenario, the components of your monitor will have a shortened lifespan. It is even important to check the positioning of the monitor and its air vents since many people accidentally suffocate the monitors by placing them in the wrong places.

Clean the air vents

Clean the air vents

You should regularly clean the air vents of your 4K monitor since they are bound to accumulate dust. The vents will not work well if they are covered in dust. You can use a paintbrush for this purpose.

Leave your computer off or on

Leave your computer off or on

The monitor should not be turned on and off all the time. This can easily damage it. If you want to come back to your work after an hour, just leave it on or in sleep mode.

Place it in a secure position

Place it in a secure position

Modern 4K monitors are not designed like the old bulky ones. 4K monitors can easily fall and break without much effort. You should make sure you place them away from pathways. Also, try to keep the cables out of people’s ways as they can easily trip on the wires. If possible, you should not keep cups of coffee and water near the monitor.

Alternatives to 4K Monitors

The 4K monitor is becoming the standard resolution, so it would be logical to avoid monitors developed with older resolutions. The best alternatives to 4K monitors would be 5K monitors. The only problem with these monitors is the fact that they are in very limited supply. Not many people can afford 5K monitors, and fewer people even understand why they would need such a high resolution. 5K monitors have also received many negative reviews since their release. Some of the reviews have even been written by professional monitor reviewers, so you would be inclined to believe them.

Another alternative to 4K monitors is the 8K monitors. These monitors are extremely clear, and they can come in very large sizes. Many people have purchased these monitors, and the reviews are mixed. The consensus seems to be that 8K monitors are overkill and extremely unnecessary, given that 4K has not even completely replaced the standard 1080p.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can 4K monitors run 1080p?

We are testing the 4K Monitor in our reviewYes, 4K monitors can run lower resolutions. However, the image quality would not be ideal, especially if you purchase a monitor with a very large screen.

Are monitors better for your eyes?

The best monitors on the market have been developed with eye protection features, but they are still not good for your eyes. You should avoid staring at the screen for too long. A good practice is to look at a faraway object after 30 minutes of staring at the screen. Also, blink often.

Are 4K monitors good for photo editing?

Yes, 4K monitors are especially important for people in creative careers. They display all the details of the pictures clearly.

What 4K monitor to buy?

Before buying a 4K monitor, you should consider the purpose of the monitor. For general purposes, almost all monitors would be great. On the other hand, if you want to play graphic games or edit movies, you will have to shop for a special 4K monitor.

What size 4K monitor?

4K monitors come in small and large sizes. With the higher resolution, manufacturers have been able to develop very large screen sizes. The size you choose will be determined by your budget and your specific needs.

Why buy a 4K monitor?

Standard HD monitors are slowly being phased out since a lot of the content being released now is in 4K resolution. With a standard HD monitor, you will not be able to consume a lot of the new content being released. This is why you need to invest in some of the best 4K monitors.

What is 4K monitor resolution?

4K monitor resolution refers to a resolution of 3840 by 2160. With this resolution, pictures have four times as many pixels as those in standard HD.

When will 4K monitors get cheaper?

4K monitors were expensive for a short time in 2013 and 2014. Since then, they have been getting cheaper. You can now get a decent 4K monitor for less than ÂŁ300. You should note that the best products are still quite costly.

When will 4K monitors become standard?

Standard 1080p resolution will simply be phased out over time. At some point, it will be clear that standard HD monitors are old and not good enough for professional settings. It is hard to predict when this will happen, but it will definitely come soon. You would be better off buying a 4K monitor as these are future-proof.

What are 4K monitors good for?

4K monitors are primarily used for gaming, photo and video editing, and for watching movies. Other activities can effectively be handled on standard 1080p monitors.


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