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Planning for your newborn’s nursery can be a difficult task. There are hundreds of baby items out there, some of which you do not really need. However, differentiating between the must-have and other items can be hard. There are those essential items that should not lack in any nursery. There are others you may also consider buying to give the nursery some warm touch and reflect your personality. Here are some essential ones.


You need a place to lay your infant. It can be a simple bassinet, a crib such as Babyletto Hudson brand, or a cot. The crib will be the focal point of the room. You can choose any style of the crib as long as it is sturdy, safe and made from quality materials.


The bedding is not just an essential part of your child’s comfort; it is part of the overall style and decoration of the room. There is a wide choice of bedding choices including bumper pads, crib sheets, blankets and rib skits, among others. Consider a mix of thick, warm bedding and light sheets for the warm season.

Changing Table

In the first year of your child, you are going to have hundreds of diapers. You need a convenient place to change the diapers. Consider a changing table with a set of drawers where you can organise everything from diapers to baby wipes and ointments. Go for a table with a comfortable pad.

Baby Monitor

Given that the baby is going to be in another room on its own, you need a baby monitor so that you can monitor him or her without leaving your room. You can go for a two-way video and audio monitor such as Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor or consider an audio-only monitor.

There are several other accessories you should buy for the kid to keep them busy. Consider the safety and age-appropriateness of each item. You can compare various brands and other options on sites such as Ever-Growing so that you get the best items for your child.

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