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Leisure & Travel

It is hard work being a new parent, from feeding to protection, it is a full-time task. Even when the baby is alone and asleep, it is a terrifying experience for some parents. Going out to the shops with a new-born can take an hour of preparation. Changes of clothes, nappies, and extra food ready for instant excess on the road. The thought of travelling is often so daunting, that most parents do not even try, and opt to stay home until the child no longer needs all those extras.


There are many accessories that reduce or end the pain of travelling with a baby. Ever-Growing has put together a comparison of products aimed at new parents. New products come out to fast to keep up and some have a better reputation for safety than others. These comparisons look at giving the advantages and disadvantages of products without having to buy them. A good product makes the chance of leisure and travel time, for parents, more achievable. Professionals do these comparisons, so the results are standardised. Each product is scrutinised for safety, practicality, and overall design. The findings are reported, graded, and then used for comparison against similar products.


A new parent will spend a small fortune on baby additions. Prams, travel-cots, and travel bags all add up. A pram may look good in the shop, but it may have weak wheels. A travel cot needs testing to see if it has the tendency to tip over with a child leaning on it from the inside. A good review gives the customer the choice to compare, the well-known to the new brands, based on top user-rated reviews. Baby accessories are often expensive and by the time the flaws are clear, it is too late to get a refund. Ever-Growing offers product comparison tables to make the choice simple.

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