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Kirsten Holmes

Expertise: Health, Fashion, Technology and Business Management

After a short stint in the rag trade, Kirsten Holmes began her writing career as a stringer for Cosmopolitan, occasionally appearing in other fashion magazines, including Marie Claire and Fair Lady. She wrote health and lifestyle features with a focus on evidence-based healthcare. Her skeptical stance on the sector has become an ethic that has pervaded all her medical writing, particularly as it relates to alternative medicine. She sees skepticism as a principle that should guide all healthcare writing.

In her mid-twenties, Kirsten became the subeditor and full time writer for a local fashion magazine specialising in beauty and health. However, as a marketing graduate, she ultimately found her true calling as a business writer. She’s been published in a range of magazines within the niche, from Entrepreneur to Change Creator--a publication within the social entrepreneurship niche. Beneath the banner of the latter, she’s learned how social impact can guide product development. Through her research for features about the world’s finest social entrepreneurs, she’s learned how investments are driving the business world towards a new, more meaningful, age. While she frequently covers business management, she favours marketing for its strategic and creative flavour.

Kirsten Holmes has written three nonfiction books in the healthcare and finance niches as well as a poetry collection. She appears regularly in literature journals--poetry being her first and primary passion. She acts as a ghost writer for a number of business to business marketers, particularly those who specialise in the digital niche.

Kirsten is an avid hobbyist and unapologetic gaming geek, so she takes her equipment seriously. As an audiophile and computer nerd, she takes plenty of pleasure in tracking down just the right audiovisual and desktop equipment for her role playing adventures. When not hiking the coast with her favourite dog, she spends her free time creating decidedly mediocre textile art.