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Finlay Games

Expertise: Mental health, Lifestyle, and Travel

My name is Finlay Games and I am a freelance content creator, YouTuber, and blogger. I am also an Open University Student, studying Psychology and Creative Writing. Since 2010, I have hosted the YouTube channel ‘FinnthinFinncible’, where I create video content on LGBTQI+ themes such as gender transition and sexuality. I also make video content on topics of mental health and recovery. Alongside, I manage a website and blog under the name of ‘The Recovery Writer’, where I create written content on LGBTQI+ themes, mental health, lifestyle, and travel.

My expertise is broadly in the field of Mental Health. Specifically, I excel at writing about topics such as depression, anxiety, addiction, and self-harm. Additionally, I write engaging content on LGBTQI+ themes, such as understanding gender identity, going through gender transition, working through sexuality confusion and coming out.

I am a gay transgender man, with a history of addiction and mental health challenges. My personal experience puts me in a unique position, to understand the challenges people in a similar position may face. Therefore, my first-hand experience, coupled with my academic knowledge, makes me an engaging and informative writer.

I have been published in several publications and blogs, such as Narratively Magazine, Anaphase, The Mighty Site, and HubPages.

I also work as an Ambassador for The Open University, where I have featured in many of their media campaigns, inspiring prospective students to join. In my role as Ambassador, I have also worked with the Open University in raising awareness of mental health, where I have given presentations and radio interviews.

I am highly regarded as an eloquent, passionate and informative writer and speaker. Recently, I have been accepted to speak at A TEDX Open University event, where I will be talking about the role of flexibility in mental health recovery.