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Dave White

Expertise: Technology, Computer Operating Systems, Musical instruments

Most of the regular work I'm currently engaged in involves a wide
mixture subjects, from 500 word articles for local newspapers to
brochure or blog articles. My favourite subjects are those that involve
innovation within technology.

My name is Dave White, I'm a freelance writer who has gained a strong
audience across multiple platforms and websites for writing clear,
concise articles that are educational, informative and entertaining. I
also write my own travel blog in which I detail the places I visit and
share my experiences when I travel throughout the UK with my wife and

Studying for an HND in Business & Finance in 1995, I often gained praise
from lecturers for meticulous research and an ability to show a full
understanding of the subject matter. Reflecting this through my writing
I often produced essays that were in one tutors words "a pleasure to
read, easy to grade and straight to the point". Eventually attaining
seven distinctions throughout the course I also developed a full
appreciation of business and economic matters. On completion of my HND I
tried to nurture these qualities and started to consider writing as a
potential profession.

I've always shown a full interest in continuing education, both on a
personal level and in tutoring others. During my early career in
engineering I was offered a supervisory position in which I tutored many
apprentices through various engineering classes.

Outside of work I take a keen interest in playing guitar and have
previously held classes teaching guitar from home using the London
College of Music syllabus. I have a firm interest in computer operating
systems, in particular the lesser known LinuxOS and also with HTML
coding and web development projects.

My focus now is on writing short news articles, commentaries, blog
articles or instructional texts.

I closely follow all innovations in the field of technology and when I'm
not researching or writing, I can always be found at home in Somerset,
closely attached to a PC, tablet, or smartphone (some say I will need at
least one of my devices surgically removed at some point).