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Christopher Jones

Expertise: Cooking, Fitness, Video Games and Theatre & Movies

Chris was born and raised in London and currently resides in Wimbledon. An ex-video games designer, now turned actor & theatre producer, who to pay the bills along the way has started a family business in online marketing, writes, and works weekends at a bar. He doesn\'t like being caught with nothing to do, otherwise he has been known to get caught in a day-long Youtube vortex.

He believes the most interesting thing in life is being able to constantly grow and learn things, so he is always trying to find new experiences and pick up new skills. This need for development has given him a foray into his careers, cooking (he makes a mean Chicken Mole), a brief stint in drumming (which had to stop when he moved into an apartment recently!), an even briefer stint into photography when he realised he had no creative voice for it and now, writing! He\'s also been an avid gym-goer for years because his obviously over-indulgent eating and drinking isn\'t sustainable in the long-term without some serious damage limitation...

Change and a need for variety is part of the reason acting became his main passion; it allows him to play new characters, experience different scenarios and constantly meet interesting people. It also means he reads a ton of books & plays and often has to learn how to do some pretty obscure things with only a few days notice.

Unfortunately he\'s terrible at Ping-Pong, playing the guitar and learning new languages, no matter how many wasted hours he has spent trying to get better at them.