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Ashton Venables

Expertise: Household appliances, Marketing, Healthcare

I’m an expert copywriter based in the United Kingdom. I have been avidly pursuing my passion since 2010 and I help clients tell their stories.


I assist finance specialists, innovators, healthcare professionals, and marketers in aligning their messages with their target customers and expanding their reputation online. That can be in the form of an excellent biography, article, or any other marketing tool that makes the client stand out and connect magnetically with their target market.

My success comes when a client is as excited with my job as I am. Some clients say;

“You’re without a doubt one of the best freelance writers I’ve ever worked with.”

“Not only does he have immense copywriting skills, but his personality is also nice too. That makes it easy to work with him”

“We are glad we let you in on the team!”

Such praise affirms that I am doing things right.

Back in my school days, I was one of those kids who loved to write book reports and essays. While that did not score many points with my schoolmates, it set the foundation for a career as a professional copywriter.

However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing all through. When I first started out in this business, I attempted to project the “correct” professional image. Although professionalism is crucial in any field, I believe that clients prefer to work with “real people”. Thus, familiarity, incurable curiosity and some whimsicality all inform my freelance writing.

While I do live, work, and have fun in the United Kingdom, I love to do business with professionals, consultants, and other business people everywhere. Over the past nine years, I have worked with clients across a variety of industries and from different parts of the world.

I believe in putting the client’s needs first and communicating effectively. Additionally, I always strive to do my best to finish work on time, but I don’t turn in any work until it’s done to perfection. So, if you need help with your articles on finance, health, marketing, household appliances or whichever topics, don’t hesitate to hit me up.