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About Us

The consumer portal introduces itself

What does one model have that the other doesn’t? Which features does which product offer? Is the price-performance ratio right? These and similar questions form the basis of the service that we provide to all consumers in the UK. The comparison portal is the solution for all those who want to get an overview of the most popular products and want orientation in their purchase decision.

We do not advertise individual products, but compares the product data and characteristics of different models and different manufacturers using a comparison table. The table contains the most important features and characteristics of the presented products, as well as the relative advantages and disadvantages resulting from it.

Comparison according to standardized methods

We pursue three different test and comparison approaches. Our quality management system provides for our comparison and test procedures to be reviewed at regular intervals. With the help of our “evaluation formula”, we can ensure user satisfaction.

Product comparison

Product comparison is one of our most important approaches. This is a participative evaluation management: Here the customers who have already bought and tested a product are our experts. They make a major contribution to the overall evaluation.

The evaluation is carried out in accordance with defined material and individual standards and refers to the following criteria:

  • Number of reviews in the various online shops
  • The average rating of the respective online shops
  • Price/performance in relation to other models in the table
  • Individually defined factors, which are checked by the analysis of studies and external product tests.
  • Results of our consumer tests or laboratory analyses (optional)
In order to be able to work out the weaknesses and strengths optimally, we differentiate between objective and subjective evaluation criteria, whereby the latter are weighted lower and influence the final grade less.

Consumer tests by our product testers with testing experience

For selected product topics, we purchase samples from the product range available online and send them to independent product testers with testing experience. They perform various tests based on previously discussed standards and checklists.

Laboratory Analyses

In case of concrete suspicions (e.g. if a product has often been poorly evaluated) we send the product to one of our partner laboratories in Germany with the order to carry out a selective chemical / physical test. The laboratory reports are published in compliance with data protection regulations.


Guaranteed up-to-dateness and availability

In order to guarantee the daily update of the products shown in the comparison table, we work with a semi-automated system that checks the availability of the offers and removes the model from the table if the offer is not available. This also changes the scores automatically. For example, a model that was previously ranked number two can move up to number one by automatically eliminating a product place.

Our editorial process

We work according to agile frameworks. The type of cooperation is based on our guidelines – transparency, independence, user-friendliness. The process starts with the identification of new product topics and continues with product evaluation and editorial preparation for publication in a unified, clearly structured and semi-automated work process:

This is how the editorial process of the ExpertenTesten team looks like


  1. product research

Identify topics

First, we ask ourselves which products are currently being publicly discussed and whether these are mainly positive or negative customer or expert opinions. Sources for test ideas are mainly online publications of various newspapers, magazines and periodicals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Continuous competition and demand analyses also contribute to the decision.

Market analysis

In this phase, our editorial staff of researches online trading platforms and webshops that deal with models of the selected product topic.

  1. definition of the evaluation criteria

Depending on the product topic, we discuss and research the most important features and create an individual catalogue of criteria. The planning and elaboration of the criteria catalogue is the prerequisite for determining and documenting the reviews, studies and product tests.

Determination and documentation

We identify the portals that publish customer reviews, studies or product tests and record the relevant content according to the criteria catalogue. The product features highlighted by the retailer are verified using reviews, studies and product tests. If important data is missing, we contact the retailer. At the end of the day, a concrete picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the respective model is created.

Product selection

From the data obtained, we define the models to be included in the table and the backup products that are automatically displayed when a model is not available for online trading.

Performing comparisons and product tests

The data obtained from the meta-analysis can be used to easily compare the models.

Relative Product Evaluations / Ratings

The relative placement of the respective model is done with the help of an evaluation matrix developed by us, which works with the following distribution key regarding the weighting of the collected data:

  • external shop ratings
  • product information
  • own (subjective) assessments

Editorial work

Preparation of texts and comparison table

The table is prepared by trained personnel. The corresponding shopping guide is prepared by a unified team of authors consisting of competent product copywriters with experience in writing editorial online content.

Our Mission

With us, mispurchases are a thing of the past once and for all. This is the mission that drives our editorial staff every day to offer the best possible and most comprehensive information on all conceivable product topics in digital form. We ensure that annoying returns are eliminated. This not only benefits the consumer and the retailer, but also the environment.

Our focus

We focus on offers from digital trade.

Our guidelines


Laboratory results are disclosed in pollutant reports together with all test steps carried out.


We are and remain an independent comparison portal. We are not dependent on any dealer, manufacturer, service provider, brand or laboratory. This independence is also reflected in our comparison tables and evaluations: Together with the numerous reviewers, we decide how we like which product.

However, we also offer manufacturers the opportunity to rent an advertising pillar. The advertised product is clearly marked as “advertising” in our comparison table and is not rated by PinkNews.

User friendliness:

With PinkNews, the user is provided with concentrated information about the product topic of his interest free of charge. The preparation should be as simple as possible, the website itself as easy to use as possible.