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Non-binary gift guide

17 gorgeous gifts for the non-binary legend in your life – including t-shirts, earrings and prints

Thousands of LGBTQ+ people and allies took part in the Equality Parade in Gdansk, Poland

Poland threatens to ban LGBT+ Pride parades with cruel bill that’s ‘discriminatory to its core’

Hollyoaks' Ki Griffin speaks to thousands of queers at London Trans+ Pride

Intersex Hollyoaks star Ki Griffin explains why we need to ‘transcend’ the ‘broken’ binary system

London mayor Sadiq Khan steps on top of a long LGBT+ pride flag during Pride in London 2019 celebration

Sadiq Khan urged to remove Pride in London’s entire board and start inquiry into racism claims

Pride Flag Creator Gilbert Baker bullying

The designer of the original Pride flag was a misunderstood ‘free spirit’ bullied for his sexuality

Jackary, also known as @jackary17 or the 'CEO of aggressive allies' on TikTok, appears in a video with sunglasses, a can of Miller Lite and a grey shirt to explain why pronouns are important

‘CEO of aggressive allies’ explains why sharing your pronouns is important


12 fun, celebratory London Pride 2021 events including club nights, drag brunches and a boat party

Teacher whose students pledged allegiance to Pride flag 'removed from classroom'

Teacher who joked about students pledging allegiance to Pride flag ‘removed from classroom’


Ford proudly unveils ‘very gay’ car with rainbows and glitter designed to shut homophobes up

Manchester Pride protest LGB Alliance

LGB Alliance campaigner shows up to Manchester Pride Protest, and is promptly told where to go

Manchester pride reclaim pride protest

Activists reclaim Pride in Manchester, hold protest on same day as official festival

Erin and Jaybill McCarthy Newberg Oregon progress Pride flag farm

Giant Pride flag flown to protest school board’s banning of ‘divisive and political’ LGBT+ symbols

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