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Instagram trans censorship protested with 'Deserve To Be Here' campaign

Instagram accused of ‘sexualising, policing and censoring trans bodies’

London Trans Pride announces June protest: 'We march for trans life'

London Trans Pride announces defiant return to protest government’s ‘blatant disregard for trans safety’

Arizona governor Doug Ducey vetoes anti-LGBT schools bill

Arizona governor vetoes anti-LGBT+ bill that would let parents stop kids from learning about queer people

Gay politician: New York must back trans kids and ban travel to Arkansas

New York urged to ban travel to Arkansas over ‘dangerous’ attacks on trans kids

Ezra Furman comes out: 'I am very proud to be a trans woman'

Singer Ezra Furman proudly comes out as a trans woman and mother: ‘It’s complex to be any sort of woman’

NHS gender clinic 'very sorry' about five-year wait for first appointment

NHS gender clinic apologises to trans patients for shameful five-year waiting time

LGB Alliance officially recognised as a charity – what does it mean?

Anti-trans pressure group LGB Alliance officially recognised as a charity

Munroe Bergdorf has a plan to become Strictly's first trans contestant

Munroe Bergdorf has a plan to become Strictly’s first trans contestant

Trans youth struggling to be optimistic: 'I've never seen trans people thrive'

Trans young people are the least optimistic about their future: ‘I’ve never seen trans people thrive and grow old’

Trans student condemns ‘bullying from grown adults’ in powerful speech against ‘transphobic’ bill

Two photos, one of Nicola Sturgeon in a red jacket and top, one of Boris Johnson in a black suit and blue tie

Nicola Sturgeon gives Boris Johnson conversion therapy ultimatum: Ban it, or I will

Tories are using ‘transphobia and racism’ to ‘keep control’, Labour MP Zarah Sultana warns

Trans girl who just wants to play sports has simple message for lawmakers

Trans teen who loves playing sports with her friends has a simple message for lawmakers

Swastika-wearing extremists urge new recruits to 'abolish trans rights'

Far-right Christian extremists call for death to Pornhub staff and the end of ‘sex work and trans rights’

Shon Faye on transgender liberation and her new podcast Call Me Mother

Author Shon Faye on trans liberation, prison abolition and remembering our queer history

Albanian trans passenger refused service by taxi company

Trans person cruelly refused by taxi drivers ‘who could not conceive putting them in their cars’

Russian feminist Yulia Tsvetkova faces six years in jail for vagina drawings

Russian LGBT+ feminist faces six years in prison over vagina drawings in ‘absurd’ pornography trial

Trans veteran returns Afghanistan war medal to Boris Johnson in 'disgust'

Trans war veteran returns Afghanistan medal to Boris Johnson in ‘disgust’ over ‘broken promises’

Anti-LGBT groups behind anti-trans bills also back voter suppression

Anti-LGBT+ groups are now pushing voter suppression and anti-vax conspiracy theories, because of course they are

Spain: LGBT centre vandalised with transphobic graffiti opposing trans law

Sick vandals deface LGBT+ centre with transphobic graffiti amid Spanish fight for trans rights

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