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10 powerful cartoons respond to the Charlie Hebdo shooting

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Comment: Bullying, bulimia and going back to school

Editorial: Thanks Home Secretary for coming @Out4Marriage, now come out for religious same-sex marriage!

Editorial: UKIP isn’t just a joke, its attitude to the anti-gay views of candidates may well be dangerous

Alternate History: Newspaper reveals Gay faith schools promote petition to ban Catholic marriage

Editorial: Catholic schools anti-gay petition scandal shows faith school system must be overhauled

Editorial: Should we ditch the term ‘gay marriage’?

Editorial: The Times now for all to show their hand on marriage equality

Comment: If the BBC can’t stop offending gays, we should get a licence fee rebate, or quit paying

Comment: Our leaders must question the Pope’s teachings in person

Comment: Is Ed Miliband the leader to advance LGBT equality in Britain?

Comment: Marriage is the gold standard for gay couples

Comment: David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s shotgun civil partnership is best option for the gay community

Comment: Why has Philippa Stroud not denied she believes homosexuality is caused by demonic possession?

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