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California: LGBT group and Assembly Member join forces to fight gay blood ban

US radio host: People don’t want to visualise gay sex because it is disgusting

Jessica Alba: Homophobia made me leave the church

US poll: 68% of Republicans would support a gay candidate

US researcher: People are gay due to sexual abuse

Tony Perkins: Gay rights activists will attempt Christian Holocaust

US reality star: Trans people ‘endanger’ children

US radio host: Same-sex marriage will cause the apocalypse

Italy: Gossip magazine under fire for giving away homophobic joke book

Argentinian Football Association pledges support to gay football squad

Uganda: Anti-gay organisation lays off all staff after losing US aid

Kanye West’s former DJ makes homophobic remarks

US columnist: Archie promotes gays and makes children sexually curious

US radio host: Ban gay marriage because gays are a crime against nature

Kray family express anger over film depicting one twin as gay

Scott Lively ‘not unhappy’ that Uganda’s anti-gay law was struck down

US: Lesbian councillor called ‘filth’ during council meeting

American pastor: God should drop a nuclear bomb on the US because we have gay ambassadors

US author: Gay couples are perverts that corrupt our kids

Boris Johnson will run for Parliament at next year’s election

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