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Liz Truss sparks fresh wave of concern with comments about Equality Act

Cross-party group of MPs demand equalities minster Liz Truss end gay conversion therapy

Coronavirus blood donation ban gay bisexual men queer

The UK could abolish its archaic ban on queer men donating blood as soon as this year

homophobic slur

Proud same-sex couple turn ‘terrible act of hate into something good’ after cowardly homophobe burns ‘f*g’ into their front garden

Andrea Jenkins George Floyd

Trailblazing Black trans Minneapolis official sings soul-stirring tribute to George Floyd after he was killed by police


EasyJet passenger jailed for squeezing air steward’s bum and calling him ‘gay boy’ had 105 prior offences

Kayleigh McEnany

Donald Trump’s homophobic press secretary Kayleigh McEnany caught out in spectacularly blatant lie

Megan and Rachael Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe outed her lesbian twin sister to their parents after they reacted badly to her own coming out

gender reveal party

Mum flips the script on gender reveal parties with tender, heartwarming celebration of her trans daughter’s true self

Malaysia A LGBT pride flag flies at the women's march in Malaysia on March 9.

Malaysia’s cruel religious ban on gay sex is to be challenged in an historic court case

Trans woman Meredith Talusan gives up makeup

‘There’s no one way to be a woman’ explains trans journalist who ditched make-up, dresses and heels to express her femininity

NHS Pride Flag

Petition demands an end to the ‘rebranding’ of the rainbow as an NHS flag and the ‘erasing of queer history’

Netflix LGBT+ content

Head of LGBT+ content at Netflix mysteriously and suddenly leaves the company

Catholic bishops want you to know that gay love comes from God

These Catholic bishops really want you to know that same-sex love comes from God

Married at First sight lesbian couple

In a shocking Married at First Sight twist, its first lesbian bride is facing ‘blazing homophobia’ before her season has even aired in the US

OnlyFans star Alec McGeary

‘Well known’ porn performer arrested in raid on online child abuse ring

Poland: Couple fight COVID-19 and LGBT-free zones with rainbow masks

Gay couple return to Poland’s horrific ‘LGBT-free zones’ to fight homophobia and coronavirus with rainbow face masks

Callum Scott sings to carer and daughter

Calum Scott serenades care worker mum and her vulnerable daughter whose emotional reunion will have you in tears

US President Donald

Despite his best efforts and refusal to wear a face mask, Donald Trump has been branded the ‘least masculine’ president in modern history

conversion therapy

Students revolt after lecturer signs up for ‘unscientific and dangerous’ gay conversion therapy forum

queer elders AIDS coronavirus

Queer elders on lessons they learned during the AIDS crisis, which are helping them through coronavirus

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