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Police guidance on risk of trans suspects ‘manipulating sex’ was outdated

New search rules for trans police officers and suspects drawn up

France: Concern as senate approves protections for ‘sexual’ not ‘gender’ identity

Sweden: Trans asylum seeker’s partner to be deported to Russia

Bristol ‘full of goodwill’ as Pride parade ends week of celebrations

Newspaper declines to apologise for terminology in intersex story

Concern over ‘pernicious’ Freedom of Information requests on LGBT issues

Comment: Opposing gay state marriages while accepting straight ones is repugnant, and it does faiths no good

Diane Abbott lands Labour in hot water with UK intersex community

New French president may signal ‘no miracle’, trans candidate says

Sweden: Trans woman ‘in hiding’ to escape deportation to Russia

Sweden: Deportation nears for trans woman abused in native Russia

DJ apologises after telling man to have gay daughter ‘screwed straight’

Analysis: Sweden to deport trans woman assaulted and urinated on by Russian police

France: Presidential elections highlight trans voters’ rights gap

Comment: The real issues in stories of the priest, the porn and the memory stick

Exclusive: The Sun defends call for identity of ‘first trans man to give birth’

Comment: Does today mean change for the trans community?

Canada: Trans woman detained under US flight rules

London protest follows Sweden’s trans sterilisation rule

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