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School with gay Principal organises counter-protest against Westboro Baptist Church picket

Neil Patrick Harris makes out with husband during racy Tony Awards drag performance

George Takei hopes Japan will follow in America’s footsteps for equal rights

Illinois: Republican governor candidate wants to ban equal marriage

YouTube celebrates LGBT pride with new #ProudToPlay campaign

Baker: No wedding cakes for gays – no wedding cakes for anyone!

US: Play cancelled after lead actor sacked for challenging anti-gay heckler

Australia: School drops ban against same-sex prom pairing

Cyprus Pride march to highlight the lack of LGBT rights

Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race makes transphobic slur towards trans model

Canadian teenage Olympic luger comes out as gay

LGBT advocate from the Stonewall riots dies aged 93

Ugandan Ethics Minister: ‘The whites are spreading pornography and homosexuality’

Founder of anti-gay German party now claims to be pro-gay

Germany: Gay couples receive limited adoption rights

TV presenter: There are gay players in Italy’s World Cup squad

US radio hosts fired after transphobic on-air comments

Canada bans Ugandan activists from attending Pride event over asylum fears

Did Fred Phelps die a man who didn’t ‘hate’ gays?

US rapper claims Portuguese police arrested him for ‘being gay’

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