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A man’s Facebook post went viral after the Orlando shooting and it cost him $2,500

Gay Mormon students are hoping to change the church from the inside out

Charity pushes for better LGBT awareness in Japanese schools

Canadian anti-gay group member sports ‘I will kill you’ sweater for Halloween

Straight couple wage court battle for right to enter civil partnership

Hillary Clinton held a rally in a Florida gay bar

Trans student voted prom queen in North Carolina, home of ‘bathroom bill’

Sir Ian McKellen turned down $1.5m to officiate wedding as Gandalf

This same sex couple are both biological parents to triplets

Using mouthwash might kill your gonorrhoea infection

Representative Jo Jordan speaking at the Waianae Boat Harbor about homeless issues. Image: Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Lesbian politician, who voted against same-sex marriage, loses election

"An arsenal of ‘buzz words’ to use as stock answers to anything you say." Image: Tim Murray via YouTube

Does this video about gay ‘buzzwords’ make you laugh or cry? (VIDEO)

Young LGBT reported missing school after experiencing bullying.

This school wants to scrap gender specific pronouns for students

The Queen's Head has been open in Chelsea since the mid-twentieth century. Image: The Queen's Head

Historic bar Queen’s Head closes without the money to pay its lease

Ellen Degeneres insists she isn’t a racist following Usain Bolt tweet

The Fairfax mayor was hopeful about his third term, calling it a "comeback". Image: Fairfax Police

Mayor charged with dealing meth in exchange for sex

Gawker sold to Univision for $135m to cover bankcruptcy costs

Andrew Nagbe says he attended Stockholm Pride with his boyfriend. Image:

Gay footballer deported after being arrested at Pride event

Matt Smith says a ‘lady Doctor’ will soon be coming to Doctor Who

Labour needs to do more for its LGBT politicians, report claims

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