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Metroid Dread looks great on OLED Switch

Metroid Dread feels like a series ‘best of’ – plus it looks gorgeous on the new OLED Switch

LGBT+ gamers

It’s not all Doom and gloom – heartening study shows almost half of LGBT+ gamers find friends online

Death Stranding

Death Stranding, even in Director’s Cut, is as incomprehensible and pretentious as ever

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick

Activision Blizzard is now being investigated by US government over sexual harassment allegations

Rainbow Six Siege writers

Queer Rainbow Six Siege writer shares importance of new trans character: “She’s a reflection of us”

Diablo 2 Resurrected artwork

Diablo director says fans should “do what they feel is right” in light of Activision Blizzard row

Twitch leather streamer DCypherPup

Streamers organise Leather Pride Weekend to bring Folsom Street Fair kink and fetish vibes to Twitch

Online gaming abuse and harassment

Anti-woman, anti-Black and anti-Asian harassment is on the rise in online gaming

Twitch streamer Jupiter Velvet

Trans Latina drag queen subjected to vile hate raid wants Twitch to know she won’t be ‘pushed out’

Deltarune Chapter 2

Deltarune, the sequel to queer classic Undertale, gets surprise new chapter


Trans developer’s skateboarding game is like Tony Hawk’s but much, much cuter

Thatcher's Techbase game

New Doom game lets you shoot Margaret Thatcher in the face. Yes, really

Mario Greco made a game called 'Happy Culture Shootout'

Right-wing political candidate created a game that uses Pride parades as target practice

Activision Blizzard office

Activision Blizzard staff file lawsuit accusing company of union-busting and worker intimidation

itch.io transgender artists bundle

This fab Transgender Artists Bundle on itch.io aims to raise much-needed funds for trans developers

Hayley Atwell to play Lara Croft in Tomb Raider anime

Marvel star Hayley Atwell to voice Lara Croft in Tomb Raider anime on Netflix


Thought-provoking, wacky new steampunk Switch game Eastward is basically The Last of Us meets Zelda

Nintendo Gamecube 20th anniversary

The GameCube just turned 20: here’s why it’s indisputably Nintendo’s best console of all time


Next Bayonetta 3 reveal is entirely in Nintendo’s hands, says creator Hideki Kiyama

Sumo Group Leon Killin

UK developer appoints equality, diversity and inclusion manager to combat games industry toxicity

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