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Former Take That manager claims his bar alone owns the right to use the word ‘QUEER’ nationally

Gay former US Air Force Major settles ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ lawsuit

Canada: Gay glossy to cease publishing due to financial problems

Gay hair salon owner accused of vowing ‘to only employ fat, gay and lesbian stylists’

Poll: Almost a quarter of Russians want ‘compulsory treatment’ for gays and 5% think gay people should be ‘liquidated’

New York: Gay club dancer and teacher fired for using email account to arrange Craigslist dates

Gay porn star dead in apparent suicide two weeks after his husband’s death

Video: Anti-gay Harlem Shake video urges Jamaica to ‘keep the buggery law’

US: Westboro Baptist Church plans NASCAR protest after driver makes pro-gay comments

Trans man announces plans to marry his mother’s best friend on live television

Gay Los Angeles city council candidate elected

US: Professional mixed martial arts fighter forced to come out as trans woman

US: Florist refused to provide flowers for gay couple’s wedding because of her ‘relationship with Jesus Christ’

US: Senate confirms first lesbian Asian American to the federal bench

US: Kiss-in protest planned against mall which ejected gay couple for kissing on the cheek

Poll: 53% of people in Minnesota against legalising same-sex marriage

US: Gay couple asked to leave shopping centre for kissing and holding hands

James Franco slams Australia’s Classification Board for banning gay film

Poll: Delaware backs same-sex marriage

US: Man attacks lesbian mother after she protects son from school bullies

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