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Reports claim ‘at least 8’ trans youth died by suicide after Trump’s win

‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli releases Wu-Tang songs after Trump’s win

Nearly half a sorority’s members just quit over treatment of a trans student

US lawyers are offering trans people free legal help before Trump’s inauguration

A major ‘Supergirl’ character just came out and everybody loves it

YouTuber Calum McSwiggan pleads guilty to vandalism during alleged anti-gay attack

Amy Poehler is producing a gay romantic sitcom

Man with ‘Faggots Vote Democrat’ sign and gun at polling station escapes charges

Eddie Redmayne reveals his ‘hilarious’ audition for ‘Star Wars’

Stephen Colbert’s live election special ‘might have some naked men’

High-ranking tax official ‘murdered by teenager he met on Grindr’

Transgender veteran’s truck painted ‘Trump’ and set on fire

Orlando to buy Pulse nightclub and turn it into a permanent memorial

Benedict Cumberbatch reads James Corden a US election bedtime story


Lesbian couple called ‘fat dykes’ before homophobic attack

Same-sex couples can now adopt children in Queensland after narrow vote

Cyndi Lauper and Debra Messing are going on a gay bar crawl for Hillary

Democrats pledge Equality Act will be ‘top priority’ after the election

Ryan Reynolds and Conan O’Brien make out for ‘The Notebook 2’

White nationalist apologises for anti-gay robocall campaign

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