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US: Anti-gay group announces end of three year boycott of retailer over pro gay rights stance

Senegal: Justice Minister rules out legalising homosexuality despite previous gay rights support

US: Hawaii democrats to meet Governor to discuss draft equal marriage legislation

US: Columnist says accepting gays in the Boy Scouts of America will descend it into ‘darkness of sin’

President Obama set to meet Russian gay rights activist today

UK’s first transgender wrestler set to partake in first wrestling matches

Where do each of the G20 countries stand on LGBT rights?

Russian lawmaker introduces bill to deprive gay and lesbian people of parenting rights

Russian pole vault champion to keep Olympic youth ambassador role despite homophobic comments

US county clerk: I’m ‘on the right side of history’ by defying state ban on equal marriage

US: Survey reveals that 68% of Ohio voters support discrimination protections for gay employees

Canadian speed skater attacks Russia’s anti-gay law and admits she’s ‘proud to be gay’

US: Republican Governor admits comparison between equal marriage and child marriage was ‘inappropriate’

Prime Minister of country that imprisons gays for 10 years calls for public to “be light” on gays

Comment: I had unprotected sex and went for PEP, but am shocked by the lack of awareness of it

US: Republican lawyers draw comparison with child marriage in case against equal marriage clerk

Hockey player: The world has to respect Russia’s anti-gay law during the Sochi Games

Ricky Martin: ‘I used to bully people I knew were gay’

President Mugabe uses inauguration speech to say: ‘Homosexuality a filthy, filthy disease’

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs: ‘Saying a gay actor can’t play a straight character is absurd’

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