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Clint Eastwood to speak at Republican convention – despite being pro-marriage equality

One Million Moms vow to get Jennifer Lopez’s new lesbian comedy-drama off air

Same-sex adoption bill drawn from ballot in New Zealand

Bill to allow lesbian women equal access to fertility services passes California senate

Maori organisation in New Zealand support marriage equality bill

Judge suggests Detroit lesbian couple challenge state’s marriage equality ban for full parenting rights

Catholic college teacher in New Zealand suspended over marriage equality views

New Government-funded Catholic faith school proudly announce they will not teach any gay ‘nonsense’

Arizona lesbian couple found dead in likely murder-suicide

Republican Senator of Utah disagrees with Romney over marriage equality ban

New Zealand MP appeals to opponents and fence-sitters over marriage equality bill

Gay Met inspector claims he was pushed out of the force by ‘bullying’

German Justice Minister Katarina Barley arrives for the weekly government cabinet meeting on March 13, 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

Angela Merkel says no to equal tax laws for LGBT couples

Gay Republican says platform banning marriage equality will be last gasp of homophobia from the party

Maltese LGBT rights group say they feel let down by cohabitation bill

Maryland LGBT groups join up with immigrants over November ballot

Spoof Todd Akin article that claims ‘homosexuality can be cured by breastfeeding’ outrages Twitter

Australian Football league launches major anti-homophobia drive

Prop 8 contributor and church youth leader indicted on child abuse charges

Danish Prime Minister denies fresh rumours that her husband is gay

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