Queer couple getting engaged on Tube during Pride in London sparks fierce debate

Amelia Hansford July 5, 2022
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Couple Proposes during Pride Month

Couple proposes during Pride Month. (Image: Twitter Screenshot)

Queer Twitter users have jumped to the defence of a couple who got engaged on the Tube during Pride in London.

The couple lit up the London Underground during Saturday’s (2 July) Pride celebrations, sharing their engagement with fellow passengers in a busy Tube carriage.

A TikTok video showed one-half of the couple getting down on bended knee while onlookers cheered.

But the happy moment was tainted for some by TikTok influencer Max Balegde, who called the proposal a “violation” while filming it, and said they would “be fuming if that was me”.

Many took to Twitter to deplore those who disapproved of two people expressing their love during Pride.

One person who commented on the video was visual artist Conor Collins, who said that the person who proposed is their cousin.

“They recently had the courage to come out and I am so happy they have found someone special in their lives but also have been able to find who they are too,” Collins wrote.

“But you took what was a lovely moment for them both and instead of just being happy for them, you took it for yourself.

“You thought it right to mock a queer couple on video and shared it for all your followers. You absolute monster. I noticed you haven’t apologised for this which would be the tiniest gesture of making things right.”

Many agreed, including one user who said: “Let’s celebrate your cousin (and partner) and their happiness and courage!

“Personally – if someone is going to propose to me in public – I’d prefer they did it on the tube (in relative privacy and safety) and not in Trafalgar Square!”

Another said: “Congratulations to your cousin and their partner, they deserve a wonderful and happy life together no matter what anyone else says.”

Several people said that proposing during Pride in London is a “gorgeous idea,” with one noting: “What’s more memorable a time than the 50th anniversary of Pride?”

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