Drag Race All Stars 7 queens at war as RuPaul introduces yet another explosive twist

Maggie Baska June 10, 2022
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RuPaul wears a one should dress in pink, yellow, tan and orange with a blonde wig on the set of Drag Race All Stars 7

Things are heating up on Drag Race All Stars 7 after two queens form a fierce rivalry. (WOW Presents Plus)

Drag Race All Stars 7 is steadily turning into a battle zone, after two top queens declared war in an explosive yet heartwarming episode. 

Reader beware, there are spoilers for Drag Race All Stars 7 episode five below. 

Last week, the stellar cast of queens brought their best fairytale characters to enchant the judges. Jinkx Monsoon won her second challenge of the series, but she was unable to receive the coveted Legendary Legend Star after being blocked by Jaida Essence Hall

The Vivienne earned her first star and defeated Jinkx in a fierce Whitney Houston lip-sync battle before handing the Platinum Plunger to Monét X Change. 

It leaves just Raja and Yvie Oddly without a star, and they weren’t bitter about that fact the minute they left the runway. No, definitely not. 

The Vivienne also dropped a huge bomb that she was thinking about blocking Jinkx because the comedy queen is the only person ‘in her lane’, even promising to block Jinkx from now on at every opportunity. 

Of course, Jinkx took it in stride. But off-camera, she admitted that she had a “long memory”, and you could see in her eyes that her revenge will be swift, strong and full of drama, mama. 

For their fifth challenge of the season, the contestants were tasked with writing and delivering an epic commencement speech for the crowds of “draguates” around the globe. As the blocked queen this week, Monét was given the power to determine the running order, and she immediately used that as an opportunity to curry favours from the other queens. 

Before the queens could begin, RuPaul revealed there would be a bombshell twist this week. The top two queens this week would receive two, count them two, Legendary Legend Stars: one to keep for themselves and another to bestow on another queen. 

Three queens from Drag Race All Stars 7 react in shock while standing in the werk room
The Drag Race All Stars 7 queens were blown away after RuPaul revealed there are multiple stars up for grabs this week. (WOW Presents Plus)

This could completely change the entire trajectory of the season because the queens with the most stars at the end will battle it out to become the Queen of Queens. 

All of the All Stars 7 queens had different ideas of what they wanted to do and were able to workshop their speeches in front of stand-up comedian Nikki Glaser and Carson Kressley. Good thing, because some ideas were a bit wishy-washy, but in the end there were some strong performances this week. 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I almost spit out my drink laughing when Monét, who decided to kick off the ‘draguation’ ceremony herself, pulled out a line from The Lion King mid-speech. Her dead-on Mufasa impersonation killed me. 

Shea Couleé tugged on heartstrings with her speech about believing in yourself just to prove that you are the baddest b***h in the room. Trinity the Tuck almost had me in tears with her story about not graduating with her peers in high school because she had to take care of her ill grandmother.

Also, Yvie’s speech about failing was the bomb dot com. Tripping while walking up to the podium and dropping all her cards – golden – then talking about how success is just the fruit of failure.

The judges were enamoured with three performances in particular: Raja, Jinkx and The Vivienne. 

I was hesitant about Raja’s sorceress-cult-leader-fortune-teller character at first, but I couldn’t breathe after she just dead-faced called on people to “F**k a lot, a lot lot, f**k till you can’t f**k no more”. 

Jinkx came out looking like Professor McGonagall and even joked about being at the wrong school. She peppered her A+ material with a poignant message about dealing with trauma as she spoke about getting hit by a car while on holiday in Amsterdam. 

Drag Race All Stars 7 star Jinkx Monsoon wears a long orange wig, black witch's hat, green velvet graduation gown and white fabric over her neck as she stands at a podium and gestures with one finger
The judges appreciated Jinkx Monsoon’s ability to weave jokes into her story about handling trauma. (WOW Presents Plus)

It was hard to take my eyes off The Vivienne, who remained in character as a drunk queen the entire time. Even when the other queens were speaking, the Drag Race UK queen was just sipping from a martini glass and living her best life. 

After a hilarious slur-filled speech, she just passed out, face down on the floor as everyone broke out in laughter. 

Then, All Stars 7 fans were treated to yet another gorgeous runway extravaganza, this week with the theme “Veiled It!”.

Nothing could hold Trinity back as she strutted out in a head-to-toe scarlet dream – though her immense train with hefty floral details did try to snatch her wig. Jaida just gave me goosebumps with a gorgeous all-black dotted mesh dress that gave ‘Spanish ghost waiting to steal your soul’ vibes. 

Jinkx was lovely in lavender this week as she channelled the goddess of spring. Tiny butterflies were holding up her veil, and flowers grew out of her neckline. It was just breathtaking. 

Speaking of breathtaking, The Vivienne’s BDSM meets The Little Mermaid outfit was everything. The bondage straps all over her body were gorgeous details, and the judges were gagging over her ball-gag moment. 

Drag Race All Stars 7 star The Vivienne wears a blue mesh veil and matching blue dress with transparent buckles all over her body with a ball-gag in her mouth
The Drag Race All Stars 7 judges loved The Vivienne’s BDSM-inspired blue dress for the “Veiled It” runway. (WOW Presents Plus)

Once more, the judges’ panel critiques were wholly positive, but RuPaul did say Yvie’s speech struck a chord with her because all her failures taught her to be the drag icon we all know today. Mama Ru also joked that she was behind the wheel of the car that hit Jinkx, and it was comedic gold. 

After such a tough week, Ru declared Jinkx and Raja the top two of the week, giving Jinkx her second star. Finally, after what’s felt like years, Raja got a star. 

But, of course, there’s yet another twist as Ru said the two queens won’t be able to hand out their additional stars until the beginning of episode six. So stay tuned. 

The season three and five winners then lip-synced for their legacy to Lizzo’s “Better in Colour”. Raja was elegant and beautiful in her sequined outfit. But Jinkx came out on top after she dipped it low before picking it up slow in her performance. 

Then in the dramatic move to end all dramatic moves, Jinkx chose to block The Vivienne from receiving a star next week. She even leaned in to tell the British queen that the Platinum Plunger was really a “compliment”, and oooooh, I felt that burn of anger from The Vivienne.

New episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 drop on Paramount Plus in the US and WOW Presents Plus in the UK every Friday.


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