25 May 2022

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An activist holds a placard with the words 'Protect Trans Youth'

Indiana becomes 17th state to ban trans athletes as Texas resumes attacks on parents of trans kids

Ricky Gervais has responded to Frankie Boyle's criticism of his "lazy" reliance on transphobic jokes

Ricky Gervais defends right to joke about AIDS and trans people amid blistering backlash

Laverne Cox is Barbie as Mattel release a collectible doll celebrating the trailblazing trans icon.

Laverne Cox is finally getting her own Barbie doll as the trailblazing icon makes history

Activists hold a trans Pride flag

Montana legally erases trans people with sinister birth certificate ban

Halsey’s claim label is blocking new music until they go viral on TikTok highlights troubling trend

Anne Hathaway and Zendaya advert declared the ‘lesbian murder mystery’ we never knew we needed

Ricky Gervais gestures while performing on stage

Ricky Gervais condemned for crude, tired and lazy AIDS jokes in controversial Netflix special

Republican lawmaker spreads transphobic conspiracy theory that Texas school shooter was trans

Gus Kenworthy has teamed up with performance lifestyle brand Rhone for a Pride collection.

Gus Kenworthy releases a Pride collection to raise vital funds for LGBTQ+ people

Tories’ shambolic LGBTQ+ conference cancellation will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands

Legendary trans activist Donna Personna shares inspiring story and search for family in candid film

Grindr's monkeypox alert

Grindr issues monkeypox warning and urges queer men to watch out for rashes and lesions

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