Drag Race winner Krystal Versace shares first impression of RuPaul: ‘I was never scared of her’

Rhys Stroulger and Danai Nesta Kupemba May 21, 2022
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Krystal Versace was crowned winner of "RuPaul's Drag Race UK" (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Drag Race UK winner Krystal Versace spills the tea on her biggest first times.

Krystal slayed the season three competition with her cool demeanour and unequivocal charm, and – most importantly – made RuPaul fall in love with her.

She started the season a sexed-up supermodel, but as the competition went on Krystal gave viewers a look at the person behind the glamour, allowing us to fall in love with her vulnerability and heart.

Ultimately, she became the youngest-ever winner of the global Drag Race franchise at just 19 years old.

Still riding high off her incredible win, we caught up with Krystal to find out all about her first impression of RuPaul, what surprised her about the show and the celebs who have slid into her DMs.

PinkNews: When was the first time you did drag?

Krystal Versace: The first time I did drag was probably in my room. I went out for a party on Halloween, and I did drag. Then the first time I performed was at a local Pride, and it hit off from there.

First person you came out to?

It was my drag sister who is my best friend and we met in school at about year eight.

What was your first impression of RuPaul?

I was shocked at how tall she was. I really liked her from the first time. I was never too scared of her but I always felt really comfortable around her.

She has this aura about her…

Yeah, she’s really lovely. Even the times I have seen her recently, with Ant and Dec and when I saw her again, she was so incredible. She was so nice. She is so grounded and down to earth. You wouldn’t think she has time for anyone, but she has the most time. She wants to spend more time than she actually can.

First thing that surprised you when filming for Drag Race UK?

The first thing that surprised me was the silence in the room. When you watch it on the TV there’s sound and music behind everything. I remember walking into the hall for the first time, you’re walking into a big hall and you just hear echoes of murmuring and my heels walking. There’s absolute silence, it’s really weird, but you sort of get used to it after a while.

First impressions of your fellow season three queens?

I recognised a lot of them, so I was actually quite comfortable. I was very aware of what they were capable of. And some of them surprised me. And some them didn’t.

First impressions upon watching yourself back on the show?

I wasn’t happy at first if I’m honest. I didn’t like how I was coming across. But that’s what happens with editing and showbiz and going on camera and everything. So yeah, I wasn’t too keen. But after a while I started to see me come through and that’s when I started to enjoy it more.

First celebrity who slid into your DMs?

I can’t think of the first one.

Or one that has….

I remember when James Charles slipped into my DMs and said he was a huge fan.

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