19 May 2022

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The first trailer for long-awaited Queer as Folk reboot has dropped

First trailer for new Queer as Folk drops and it’s the sexy, diverse, heartfelt reboot we need

A bathroom sign with a smaller sign that reads "All genders welcome"

Cruel efforts to stop trans people accessing bathrooms struck down in Tennessee and Indiana

The cast of Derry Girls.

Derry Girls’ powerful finale should inspire us all to educate ourselves on The Troubles

Rupert Everett says Scarlett Johansson should have played trans man in Rub & Tug: 'Mistake of the trans community'

Rupert Everett thinks backlash over Scarlett Johansson playing a trans man was a ‘mistake’

Hilary Duff teases LGBTQ+ romance in How I Met Your Father

Hilary Duff teases huge LGBTQ+ twist in How I Met Your Father: ‘Anyone can be the one’

My Chemical Romance sells iconic T-shirt bearing a gay porn star's tramp stamp as official tour merch

My Chemical Romance actually hit up a retired gay porn star for ‘tramp stamp’ tour merch

Laurence Fox took to Twitter to call LGBT+ people "paedophiles"

Laurence Fox loses bid for jury to hear libel battle with Drag Race queen over ‘paedophile’ tweets

The cast of Derry Girls

Derry Girls’ finale serves as powerful reminder about importance of Good Friday Agreement

19 mind-blowing JoJo Siwa facts you probably never knew to celebrate her 19th birthday

Public urged to stop picking 'penis plant' by Cambodian government

Public urged to stop picking ‘penis plant’ by Cambodian government

BBC Three announces new gay dating show hosted by Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue to host new gay dating show I Kissed A Boy and maybe god loves gays after all

Hospital with sign about monkeypox

Even more monkeypox cases identified as queer men urged to watch out for rashes and lesions

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