Joe Biden says ‘extreme’ Republicans will ‘storm Cinderella’s castle’ over Disney LGBTQ+ row

Maggie Baska May 13, 2022
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President Joe Biden speaks into a microphone while wearing a white button up shirt and a dark tie with stripes

President Joe Biden jokes that Republicans are "going to storm Cinderella's castle" as conservatives target Disney for its opposition to anti-LGBTQ+ laws. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty)

President Joe Biden joked that “extreme” Republican lawmakers are planning to “storm Cinderella’s castle” over Disney’s opposition to anti-LGBTQ+ bills. 

Biden slammed “MAGA Republicans” – shaped by former president Donald Trump’s regime – for pushing hateful anti-LGBTQ+ measures across the US during a speech at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Wednesday (11 May).

The president said that Trump fans form the “most extreme party” and now “run the show” within the Republican Party. 

Biden referenced efforts by Republican lawmakers to ban LGBTQ+ books in schools and libraries; efforts to erase queer identities through ‘Don’t Say Gay or Trans’ bills; and the ongoing feud between Florida lawmakers and Disney.

“Did you ever think we’d be in a position in the year 2022 — we’d be talking about banning books in schools?” Biden said. “I mean, you know, the idea that you cannot mention — you cannot mention to the school.”

He continued: “What’s going to happen to a gay child, an L[G]BTQ child in school?  

“I mean, this thing — it’s one thing to take on Disney World. They’re going to storm Cinderella’s castle before this is over.”

He added that people would “think I was crazy” if he had to describe the state of political attacks against the LGBTQ+ community to people from the past. 

He also called comments and legislation coming from the right as “really beyond the pale”, adding that “what’s at stake here” is “people’s basic fundamental rights”. 

The president said Democrats could strike down such appalling efforts and bring forward more LGBTQ+ protections if they can “pick up three Senate seats” or “increase our majority in the House” in the November election.

If this were to happen, Joe Biden said: “We got a different world we’re in.”

Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ legislation, which was signed into law in March, prohibits discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten to third grade classrooms in the state. 

It has been widely criticised by LGBTQ+ activists, celebs and allies worldwide.

Disney announced it was “committed” to overturning the cruel legislation, having previously been criticised for remaining silent on the issue, after it was signed by viciously anti-LGBTQ+ governor Ron DeSantis.

The entertainment giant declared that its “goal” was to get the law “repealed by the state legislature or struck down in the courts”. 

In response, DeSantis labelled Disney a “woke corporation” and spearheaded an effort to strip the company of its special tax status in Florida. The status allowed Disney self-governance over a section of land in the state, and lawmakers have warned such efforts would have dire consequences for Florida taxpayers. 

Republican lawmakers across the US are now introducing similar ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bills. 

Louisiana lawmakers revived a bill that bans “topics of sexual orientation or gender identity in any classroom discussion or instruction in kindergarten through grade eight”. The bill also prohibits teachers, school staff and others from discussing their own sexual orientation or gender identity with students in kindergarten through high school.

The legislation had been killed in a House education committee vote earlier this month.

But Republican state representative Raymond Crews resurrected the measure by using a rare legislative procedure tool known as the “Committee of the Whole”, which allows for a full House vote to advance or strike down the education committee’s original decision. 

The Louisiana House then voted 55-39 to resurrect the measure, the Louisiana Illuminator reported. The bill will now be moved to the full House floor for consideration.


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