After a trans teen was attacked by bullies, their community put on a kaleidoscopic show of support

Patrick Kelleher October 21, 2021
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Dozens of cars snaking a Roa/Dozens more parked up with trans Pride flags and banners

Hundreds of people went out to show their support for a transgender teenager who was assaulted at school. (Instagram/@Hundreds of people went out to show their support for a transgender teenager who was assaulted at school. (Claudi_Not_Rain/Twitter and morganeogerbc/Instagram)

A survey by The Trevor Project has revealed that the majority of LGBT+ youth (52%) who were enrolled in middle or high school in the US in 2021 have reported being bullied either in person or electronically in the past year.

The survey was shared by GLAAD on 21 October as part of their anti-bullying Spirit Day campaign.

The issue isn’t simply confined to the US, in fact it is a problem in countries all around the world. For example, earlier this year, a 14-year-old trans teenager was allegedly assaulted by two cisgender schoolmates on 11 January at Ecole Heritage Park Middle School in Mission, a district in British Columbia, Canada.

The assailants were arrested following the attack, with police saying they would be recommending that the pair be charged for assault. The teenage girls are due to appear in court in late March.

However, after video footage was shared online of the transgender teenager being assaulted at school, the local community decided to show their support.

Hundreds of locals attended a car rally in Mission to show their support for the girl, with many decorating their cars with trans pride flags and other signs of support, the Daily Hive reports.

One driver covered their car with placards bearing empowering messages for LGBT+ youth, including one which read: “Stand up and be proud of the person you are,” while another said: “Now is the time to end bullying.”

Others decorated their cars with Pride flags, with one driver waving a flag with the acronym “LGBTQ” written on it.

Community came together at drive-in rally to stand against bullying.

Countless residents took to social media to share details of the car rally, with many stressing the importance of standing up against bullying and anti-LGBT+ hatred.

Jacquie Claggett shared images of the rally on Instagram, writing: “So proud of our community and other surrounding communities coming together to support what is right!” She said that more than 1,000 people attended to firmly show that bullying will not be tolerated in their locality.


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A post shared by Jacquie Claggett (@jacquie_claggett)

A Twitter user called Claudia shared an image of the drive-in rally, and took the opportunity to praise the community for coming together in solidarity with the transgender teenager.

Drag queen Anida Tythole shared her own video of the rally on Instagram, captioning it “Love wins”, along with a series of heart emojis.

Another Instagram user shared an image of their car with a rainbow umbrella perched on top and a trans flag hanging out the back window.


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A post shared by Morgane Oger (@morganeogerbc)

Others shared spectacular images from the rally on Twitter showing the powerful display of support for the transgender teen in the community.

The assault has shocked much of the local community and those in the school, with Tracy Loffler, the chair of the school board, saying in a statement that they were “appalled” by the incident.

She said the district “does not tolerate bullying, harassment, or violence” and said students have a right to attend school in “a safe and inclusive manner”.

Spirit Day

On Spirit Day, held on the third Thursday of October each year in the US and coordinated by GLAAD, millions of people in America and beyond wear purple to visibly show solidarity with LGBT+ youth and to take part in the largest, most visible LGBT+ anti-bullying campaign in the world; sending a message to young people that homophobic bullying won’t be tolerated.

You can take the Spirit Day pledge here.


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