Proud gay, trans man and father shares empowering coming out story: ‘The freedom is the best part’

Vic Parsons October 11, 2021
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National Coming Out Day: 'The best part of coming out is the freedom.'

Kayden Coleman spoke to PinkNews for National Coming Out Day.

On National Coming Out Day, trans advocate, educator and father Kayden Coleman opens up about his own coming out experience, saying the best part was “the freedom”.

“It opened so many doors for me,” Kayden told PinkNews. “I felt like I could do anything, be anything. My motto is: ‘I didn’t step out of the box just to step into another one.’ And I live by that.”

Kayden is based in Texas, US. He became a prominent trans public figure after the story of his unexpected pregnancy went viral, in 2015 – he didn’t realise he was expecting a baby until he’d been pregnant for five months.

Since the birth of his daughter, Azealia, Kayden has used that platform to speak about navigating the health system and life as a Black, gay, trans man.

For National Coming Out Day, Kayden, who is now a father to two young children, answered some questions from PinkNews about his own journey.

PinkNews: What advice do you have for other trans folk about coming out?

Kayden Coleman: My advice is to make your transition about you, not about anyone else’s thoughts of you.

If someone walks out of your life for your decision to be your authentic self, let them. The people who are meant to be in your life, will be. Don’t ever let fear hold you back from your happiness.”

What do you wish you’d known when you came out for the first time?

I wish I would’ve known more about just about everything.

I also wish I would’ve known that it’s OK to not be like everyone else.”

Do you have any favourite coming out stories that you’d like to share?

When I came out as trans, I felt incredibly empowered.

But specifically in regards to coming out as my parents. I remember just feeling so confident in who I am. I remember being prepared to lose them because they always told me that if I ever ‘wanted to be a boy’, that I would. I told them that my decision is final and not up for debate.

It was amazing.

What has been the best part of coming out for you?

The freedom! It opened so many doors for me. I felt like I could do anything, be anything.

My motto is: ‘I didn’t step out of the box just to step into another one.’ And I live by that.

What was the last thing that made you happy?

My kids. Seeing them interact with each other and the way their faces light up when they see each other always makes me the happiest.

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