Bob the Drag Queen shares epic saga of airport security interrogating her wigs

Maggie Baska July 22, 2021
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Bob the Drag Queen during Pride Month 2019, when the world was a little different. (Getty)

Drag Race legend Bob the Drag Queen has treated fans to a hair-raising tale about her wigs’ encounter with airport security.

The season eight winner live-tweeted the absurd incident on Monday (20 July), explaining that a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent had removed her wig from one of the her bags.

“Ya’ll [the] TSA man has removed by wig from the bag and [is] running it through the scanner by itself,” Bob said.

A little while later, Bob said that the agent was walking around an airport security checkpoint with her “sad wig in a tray”.

“He went to get the Black lady to look at my wig,” the Drag Race star continued.

Fortunately for Bob, the woman reassured her that she “knows what a wig is” – but in a tragic twist, had to take “all the pins and the bump off” the wig – therefore practically destroying all its styling – before it could sashay through the TSA security protocol.

Bob and her luscious locks survived their close shave with the TSA.

She posted a picture of the brunette offender in its plastic prison, joking: “The suspicious wig has been released from custody and is currently out on parole.”

Fans and Bob’s fellow Drag Race queens were dying over the hair’s bad day, filling Bob’s comments with support and expert burns.

The TSA joined in with the jokes on Instagram, writing: “We heard you walked purse first through one of our security checkpoints.

“No tea, no shade, and we sure hope you had a pleasant experience, but when it comes to security we do what needs to be done to keep you safe.

“Now, Shante, you can stay. Thanks for your patience, hilarity, talent, and humility. Keep racking up them frequent flyer miles.”

After criticism that the post was inappropriate and appropriative, the TSA later wrote in an Instagram story: “We apologize for the insensitivity of this post. Our goal is to provide interesting content that helps clarify our checkpoint procedures, but this one missed the mark. We will continue to work to engage and inform the traveling public going forward.”

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