These fans are the UK heatwave saviour you already should’ve bought by now

Jonny Yates July 20, 2021
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You too could look as good as Jennifer Garner in 13 Going On 30 with your desk fan. (Amazon/YouTube)

The UK is in the middle of a heatwave but these affordable fans are a quick and easy way to cool off.

As Drag Race’s Valentina once said, “ladies, I’m boiling!” and it’s only going to get warmer across parts of the UK this week.

With temperatures reaching as high as 30 degrees Celsius, it means working, sleeping and generally existing in this climate isn’t always easy.

There’s a couple of ways for some relief from the heat whether it’s eating ice cream, freezing items of clothing or installing air conditioning into your house.

We don’t all have time and money for the latter but there is a quick way to cool off this week – by investing in a desk or standing fan.

As the weather gets warmer people are snapping up fans online but there’s still plenty available – with next day delivery – so you can be boasting about being cool in no time.

We’ve put together some desk, standing and handheld fans on sale and how you can get them, you’re welcome.


The desk fan will save you from the heatwave while you’re working. (Amazon)

The desk fan is an icon, a legend and it is the moment, now c’mon! The classic fan will give you some relief from the heatwave and this clip-on one is less than £15. So if you’re working, sleeping or just trying to escape the sun for a little bit you can clip it to your bed, table, desk or shelf and get it rotating at 360 – easy, breezy, beautiful.

Other small desk fans include a mini 12.5cm one with a USB portal so you can plug it into your computer or laptop while you’re working and it’s pretty easy to move about throughout the day. This one is priced at £15.99 and you can get it from Amazon.

Then there’s a battery powered one with three speeds – and it comes in pink or white – for £28.99 and it’s a popular choice with more than 5,000 reviews giving it four and a half stars. This one is from Amazon here and they’re all available for next day delivery with Prime.

A standing fan that won’t break the bank. (Amazon)

A standing fan might be what you’re after as they’re bigger so should – hopefully – be more breezy. These ones can be pretty expensive but you can get this one from Amazon Basics at £44.64, maybe the only time we’ll say being basic is a great thing. Now for the technicals: it has an adjustable height and angle, oscillates, has three speeds and modes and a 7.5 hour timer incase you leave it on. To get it head to Amazon.

Sashay away fan
A “sashay away” handheld fan. (Etsy/dMartgear)

Or you could go really back to basics and get a handheld fan but you don’t have to boring while you do it. There’s loads of different fans inspired by ballroom, Drag Race and beyond. With phrases ranging from “yasss queen” to “sashay away” and “f**k off Karen” to “shade” there’s plenty to choose from. The one pictured is available on Etsy for £19.77 and it’s no surprise that it’s a best seller with its reference to one of RuPaul’s famous catch phrases. To shop all of the handmade, LGBT+ themed fans head to Etsy here.

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