Lil Nas X devastates fans with claim he ‘might be going to jail’. He was trolling

Lily Wakefield July 19, 2021
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Lil Nas x satan shoes industry baby

"Industry Baby" will drop on Friday, 23 July. (YouTube/ Lil Nas X)

Lil Nas X sent fans into a frenzy by claiming he “might be going to jail”, but the artist has now revealed the entire debacle was a promo for his long-awaited single “Industry Baby”.

The artist said he was heading to court on Monday (19 July) over his famous Satan shoes, 666 pairs of hellishly modified Nike Air Max 97s purportedly containing real human blood which he released in March.

Nike later filed a successful trademark infringement lawsuit against New York art collective MSCHF, which collaborated with Lil Nas X to create the shoes.

But on Monday, Lil Nas X wrote on Twitter: “All jokes aside I can’t believe I might be going to jail.

“Who’s going to make mildly funny tweets about being gay while I’m away?”


Fans reached out with support, determined to #FreeLilNasX.

Some said they would head to the courthouse to “convince Judge Panini to don’t be a meanie”, while others insisted they would riot if Lil Nas X was put behind bars.

As #FreeLilNasX began trending on Twitter, the artist tweeted a link to, which contained a video titled “Satan Shoes Trial”.

The two-minute film, in which Lil Nas X plays every role, shows him appearing in court as a lawyer asks him under cross-examination: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is about much more than shoes. Lil Nas X… are you gay?”

When he responds “yes”, a jury member demands: “Lock him up and throw away the key.”

As the artist is sentenced to “five years in Montero state prison”, a clip from “Industry Baby” begins to play.

The video reveals that the song will drop Friday (23 July), will feature Jack Harlow, and is produced by Take a Day Trip and Kanye West.

Lil Nas X has officially reached ‘peak troll marketing’ with jail stunt

Fans declared that the video officially cemented Lil Nas X’s position as master troll and king of the internet.

One Twitter user wrote: “Lil Nas X has mastered the internet ain’t too many can really say that.”

Another said: “The fact that Lil Nas X just bamboozled the whole internet about going to jail and getting comment sections FILLED with ‘religious karmic backlash’ only to have those same comments watch his live to announce an album is the most peak troll marketing I have ever seen.


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