Adorably proud grandmother, 87, shares journey to embracing her trans granddaughter

Lily Wakefield July 12, 2021
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trans India grandmother

Kali with her 87-year-old grandmother. (Instagram/ melanatedbitch)

A proud 87-year-old grandmother in India has shared her journey to embracing her trans granddaughter in a heartwarming video.

The grandmother and her granddaughter Kali were featured in a video on the Instagram account Humans of Bombay.

In the video captions, she explained: “My granddaughter, Kali, was assigned male at birth.

“But a year ago she told me, ‘Dadi, I’m a woman!’ I didn’t take her coming out too well and fell ill. I was worried about her future, how society would treat her, what our relatives would say.”

But once the 87-year-old started to get better, she could see that Kali was “suffering”, and said she wanted to “put an end to it”.

She continued: “So, I took my jewellery and gave it to Kali, to let her know I love and accept her.

“Now I happily introduce Kali as my granddaughter to everyone. I just want Kali to be happy.

“If I can be 87 and accepting, I’m sure so can you!”

In her own Instagram post, Kali also shared her own side of the story.


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Posting a photo of herself with her grandmother, she wrote: “The necklace I’m wearing in this photo was the first gift my grandmother gave to me after I came out to show her support for my transition.

“My grandmother was and is still my biggest support in my life. When I came out to her, I was scared she may not understand it and [of] our relationship getting ruined.

“She was extremely worried at first about how society would treat me and had some health issues because of the stress, but she never let me know that she was worried. Slowly with time, she started getting better and now fully loves me as the woman I am.

“She was the one who helped me make my mom and other relatives understand and accept me.”

Kali added that her grandmother was excited to make the video for Humans of Bombay, and said that “she wants to give a strong message to society to help every trans person out there to gain acceptance and love from their family”.

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