Rumours intensify that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City and feature the first-ever female lead

Ed Nightingale June 29, 2021
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Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto V. (Rockstar)

There are always rumours circulating about what’s next for Grand Theft Auto, but the latest ones suggest the game’s sixth instalment (GTA 6) will feature a female lead character.

Fresh GTA rumours have been included in a new video from prolific leaker Tom Henderson – he correctly reported on many Battlefield 2042 details before its announcement – though they are of course yet to be confirmed.

One of those rumours suggests that GTA 6 will feature multiple lead characters, of which one will be a woman responsible for technology and hacking.

If true, this character would be the first playable female lead in a series that is known for its poor representation and misogyny.

The game is rumoured to take place in a modern day Vice City, best known for its 80s depiction in the 2002 PS2 game. 

Henderson notes that the map will not be as big as other rumours have suggested.

The reason for this is that the map will be constantly evolving with new areas and content over time through DLC, similar to how Fortnite’s map works. 

As developer Rockstar has been heavily criticised for its crunch culture to meet game release deadlines; this approach would allow more freedom in the way the game is released and developed.

A further reason for the modern city, Henderson says, is to fit in with the wildly popular GTA Online and allow the developers as much freedom as possible to continuously release extra content.

Lastly, Henderson believes the game won’t be released until 2024–2025 at the earliest. That’s partly because the game is still in very early development – so expect some of these details to change – and partly because it’ll be solely released on the latest consoles.

What’s more, Rockstar are focused on employee wellbeing at the moment and want to allow them space to work and avoid crunch.

Of course, these rumours need to be taken with a grain of salt. And with GTA Online being so popular, there’s no need for Rockstar to rush out a new game just yet.

Still, if true, it sounds like the game is already shaking up the Grand Theft Auto formula in welcome ways.

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