Invictus Gaming coach Ellis “GiG” Hindle accused of sexual abuse – but the esports team keep him on

Shakeena Johnson June 24, 2021
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R6 Siege coach GiG


R6 coach Ellis “GiG” Hindle has been accused of physically, sexually and emotionally abusing his ex-girlfriend, Aimee Southern.

Invictus Gaming coach Ellis Hindle, also known as GiG, who is currently the head coach for the Singaporean pro esports team – was publicly accused of assault by his now-former partner, Aimee Southern.

In a TwitLonger statement made by Aimee herself, she claims GiG would “pressure her into sleeping with him” and often “shouted at her for not engaging in any sexual activity with him”.

She also claims GiG “physically dragged her to the floor by her wrists in an attempt to stop her from leaving him”, adding that he tried to “force her to have sex with him after he repeatedly yelled at her”, saying demeaning things that would make her feel “worthless and crap about herself”.

Her statement also accused GiG of engaging in explicit messaging with several underage girls, citing “the age for these messages was 18+ in the UK and I can confirm that these girls were 16 and he fully knew that”.

Taking to Twitter to claim that GiG had been arrested, she tweeted “My abuser has been arrested and is being prosecuted for his actions. We’re finally getting justice!!”.

GiG has since spoken out about the situation, proclaiming his innocence and claiming that he has “proof none of this is true and will show his side in due course”. Writing his statement in iPhone notes he admits, “cheated and spoke to Aimee like s*** at times but that’s as far as it went”.

Ellis "GiG" Hindle Twitter Statement
(Twitter: @Kid_Giggy)

With the allegations surfacing during the Rainbow Six Invitational, Invictus Gaming has continued to allow GiG to compete in the event, releasing a statement stating “the police are attending testimonies and gathering evidence. Until the opposite is shown, we are going to lead a normal life”.

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