Rick and Morty just confirmed a major character is queer

Patrick Kelleher June 22, 2021
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Rick and Morty

Season five of Rick and Morty confirmed that Jerry is queer. (YouTube/Screenshot)

Rick and Morty has revealed that a central character is queer in a surprising season five storyline.

The hugely-popular animated series, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, follows the adventures of cynical scientist Rick and his grandson Morty.

Rick and Morty has always had a huge LGBT+ fanbase – but the show is likely to pick up a few new queer followers after the first episode of season five confirmed that Morty’s father Jerry is not straight after all.

In the episode, titled “Mort Dinner Rick Andre”, Jerry and his wife Beth decide to pursue a threesome with Mr Nimbus, otherwise known as The King of the Ocean. He is also, of course, Rick’s “greatest nemesis”.

Jerry becomes completely infatuated with Mr Nimbus in “Mort Dinner Rick Andre”, leading him to think that he might fall in love with him. While he never errs too far from his wife, his feelings for Mr Nimbus appear to confirm that the character is either bisexual or pansexual.

Rick and Morty‘s Jerry and Beth are in a ‘sex-positive place’ in season five

Speaking to Digital Spy, Chris Parnell – who voices Jerry in Rick and Morty – said his character and his wife are in a “sex-positive place” at the start of season five.

“It’s fun to see the relationship change and evolve and grow,” he said. While some fans might be surprised by his personal growth, those who remember the season two episode “Total Rickall” won’t be totally shocked.

Hardcore Rick and Morty fans suspected Jerry might be queer after the episode, which saw him pursue a relationship with Sleepy Gary. It transpired that his memory of the character was fake and had been implanted by a parasite, but what stuck with viewers was Jerry’s heartbreak.

He was so upset at discovering that Sleepy Gary didn’t really exist that he said he wanted to die with him, and had to tell Beth he needed time to emotionally recover before he could have an intimate relationship with her again.

The show’s latest foray into the couple’s sexual exploration seems to confirm that Jerry is most definitely not straight – even if Rick and Morty tends to stay away from labels.

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