Comedian moans he can’t get gigs because he’s ‘white, straight, able-bodied and male’

Patrick Kelleher June 8, 2021
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Nick Dixon

Nick Dixon. (YouTube)

Comedian Nick Dixon is raging after he wasn’t booked for a show because the promoter was looking for performers from diverse backgrounds.

The Britain’s Got Talent star shared his rejection on Twitter, claiming that straight, white men are missing out on opportunities because of their enormous privilege.

Nick Dixon shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message purportedly sent by a promoter after a fan recommended the comedian for a show. In the message, the promoter said they were “aware” of Dixon, and even suggested venues where his comedy might be welcomed and appreciated.

However, they went on to tell the fan that they already have “a million billion really good white, straight able-bodied male comedians” that they can call on.

“I’m trying to find more of the opposite. When I say opposite I don’t necessarily mean a Black gay woman in a wheelchair, but I’ve seen how hard it is for female acts, Black acts etc to get on good bills,” the promoter wrote.

The message inevitably made its way to Dixon, who promptly shared it on social media.

“Nothing new of course, but I’m looking forward to a day when I am judged only on the content of my character. Or just the content of my content,” Dixon tweeted.

Speaking to The Express, Dixon whined: “This has happened to basically every straight white comedian I know.

“Whether it’s live (performance) or TV work, everyone this happens to feels it’s wrong, though they might not admit it publicly.

“Even right-on left-wing comedians will express anger about it in private,” he said.

Nick Dixon thinks diversity happens ‘naturally’ under a meritocracy

Dixon continued: “Some argue that this kind of thing is just redressing the balance for past discrimination. But if you asked them to give up their place on a TV panel show for a person of colour it would be a different story.

“I just want a meritocracy because that’s better for everyone.”

Dixon went on to claim that diversity happens “naturally” under a meritocracy, using football as an example.

This is not the first time Dixon has lashed out over his failure to book gigs. In an article for Spiked, he claimed he has been “alienated from the woke comedy industry” for complaining about “wokeism” in football.

In the same article, he branded the Black Lives Matter movement “a radical and violent political group”.




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