Cruel dad threatens to disown his teen daughter because her boyfriend is trans

Maggie Baska June 7, 2021
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kicked out dating trans man

TikTok user Elyse, 19, says that she was kicked out of her home after she told her parents that she is dating a trans man. (TikTok/@enoblehere) 

A teen has shared heart-wrenching videos on TikTok of her father threatening to disown her because her boyfriend is trans.

TikTok user @enoblehere, who identifies herself as Elyse, shared several recordings of her and her parents after they discovered that their daughter is dating a trans man. One video showed the phone recording with the words “my mom and dad finding out my boyfriend is trans” on the screen. The audio began with her father declaring that Elyse’s boyfriend is “not a boy”.

An audibly upset Elyse, 19, told her parents through tears that her boyfriend hasn’t started testosterone, that the couple “can have a family” and that she is “in love with him”.

But her dad repeatedly replied: “Give me a break.”

At one point, her dad said: “You have a choice, but this is not the right choice, and you know that down deep inside.”


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Elyse posted a “part two” video a short while after her first video went viral on TikTok. The second recorded audio-video included the words: “This one really hurt. The end is guilt-tripping for sure” on the screen.

The video started with Elyse sharing that she has been dating her boyfriend for “seven, eight months”.

Her dad, who is shouting at one point, then claimed that Elyse is “willing to give up” her “family for someone” that “doesn’t even know their left from their right”. He then said that Elyse is just “listening to what the world wants you to hear”, which she denied.


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Her dad added: “It’s just like I’ve always told you: You go out, you do the right things, you get blessed for it.

“And you know this is not right. This is not the way we brought you up, and if this is what you choose, we can’t change it. But this what [you] choose, these are the consequences.”

Elyse responded by saying that she doesn’t know if “this relationship will last forever” – even though she “wants” her relationship with her trans boyfriend to – but she “just wanted to tell” her parents about her partner.

Her mom chimed in at one point to ask if Elyse thought her parents “would support it”. She then said that no one is “holding a knife” to Elyse’s throat and forcing her to “be his lover”.

Elyse’s father then said his daughter is “doing this” to him and their family. He tried to guilt-trip her by saying she will need to “speed up being an adult” and will have to take on the “expenses” that he covered as her parent.

Her dad also attempted to shame her by remembering how much he cared for her as a child.

“I would have never thought you would do this to me,” he said.

He continued: “To this day I remember how I sat in that cradle and hugged you and just it was such a good feeling.”

Elyse videos have garnered millions of views on TikTok and thousands more after they were also shared on Twitter. TikTok star Kris HC commented on Elyse’s video, saying her parents are “being [incredibly] narrow minded and selfish”. She added: “I’m so sorry love. You deserve being with someone that makes you happy.”

Matt and Omar, a couple who have over one million followers on TikTok, also commented on the video. They wrote: “F**k I am so sorry.

“I can’t imagine how your parents hold so much hatred in their hearts.”

Elyse responded in the comments to her video that the support she has received has been “absolutely astonishing and just incredible”. She added: “I feel so loved and accepted and I’m so grateful.”

In subsequent videos, Elyse shared that she has been kicked out of her house “for being with a trans man”. She recorded a video of herself with her boyfriend wishing everyone a “happy Pride Month”.


HAPPY PRIDE MONTH🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️LOVE YOU ALL #pride#haha#lovemylife

♬ original sound – elyse


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