The director of Resident Evil Resistance has confirmed that Tyrone is canonically gay

Shakeena Johnson June 3, 2021
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Tyrone Henry from Resident Evil Resistance has been confirmed as openly gay

Tyrone Henry from Resident Evil Resistance has been confirmed as openly gay (Capcom)

Resident Evil character Tyrone Henry has been confirmed as gay by the director of the game on Twitter.

Resident Evil Resistance director Al Yang confirmed in a series of tweets on Twitter that Tyrone Henry, who featured in the 2020 multiplayer game. is canonically gay.

Explaining his decision to confirm Tyrone’s sexuality, Yang wrote, “It’s basically impossible to tell, but the character setting for Tyrone is that he is gay, but the goal was to write this without it becoming the sole basis of his character. The nature of PvP only games makes revealing this kind of info sometimes feel pretty abrupt”.

Resistance, which takes place in 1988 during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident shows civilians been abducted by the Umbrella Intelligence Division. Sent to the NEST2 facility, they are forced to fight a number of mutants on behalf of senior Umbrella employees to prove the effectiveness of Umbrella’s t-Virus project.

Capcom Tyrone Henry

Speaking on the importance of why writing a gay character without necessarily dressing them in a rainbow flag was needed, Yang added, “I feel the problem with a lot of LGBT characterisation is that it’s their defining attribute (unless that is your intent for a particular reason). For me, it’s not about writing a gay character, it’s about a character that is also gay”.

With this month being Pride Month, it seems as if all the video game developers are keen to confirm who is part of the LGBT+ community. Last night, the developers of The Last of Us shared artwork with a message on their official Twitter account, celebrating the month with a nod to 5 of the characters in-game that represent the LGBT+ community.

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