Fantastic Queer Games Bundle 2021 offers up 200 indie video and tabletop games for a bargain price

Ed Nightingale June 3, 2021
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The Queer Games Bundle 2021

YAGS. (Bob Conway)

The Queer Games Bundle 2021 has launched on itch.io this Pride Month, containing over 200 games, software and zines.

The itch.io platform is an open marketplace for independent games developers to launch their games.

The Queer Games Bundle aims to support 190 queer artists whose work is included.

The entire bundle is available for $60, the price of an AAA game (AAA means a game produced and distributed by a mid-sized or major publisher), although there is a Pay What You Can sliding scale too.

The bundle is available throughout the month of June right here.

“If we had 1/3rd of the budget of an AAA game, we could give every solo developer a liveable wage for a year and every single team a massive funding boost,” reads the description.

“Imagine what the developers and artists in this bundle could create a year from now if they weren’t worried about starving or how to pay their rent this month.

“Purchasing the Queer Games Bundle is a direct action that you can take right now to support queer people in a life changing way and in exchange you get over 200 amazing, heartfelt, fun, and radical games.”

The bundle contains a whole load of experimental games that explore the full spectrum of the LGBT+ community and queer identities, made by queer gaming developers.

The individual games would collectively cost $559, so at $60 it’s a saving of 89% and a great way to support the LGBT+ gaming community.

The bundle is seeking to raise $5 million, with all proceeds split evenly between the makers.

Community led bundles are becoming prominent on the itch.io platform. Last year a Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality was launched containing a massive 1,741 items for just $5.

That bundle had a goal of $5 million, but exceeded this and raised over $8 million. Those proceeds went to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50.

Check out the Queer Games Bundle 2021 here.

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