Restaurant expertly handles homophobic troll raging against delicious Pride-themed milkshake

Emma Powys Maurice June 3, 2021
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pride milkshake

Fresh Carnival's new Pride milkshake, with extra sprinkles (Facebook/Fresh Carnival)

A restaurant expertly dealt with peak snowflakery after a homophobic troll imploded at the sight of their new Pride-themed milkshake.

Fresh Carnival in Saskatchewan, Canada, shared a picture of the new shake on Tuesday (1 June) to celebrate the beginning of Pride month.

The delicious white chocolate creation is covered with rainbow sprinkles and topped with mini sugar cookies – but the message they got in response wasn’t quite as sweet.

“STOP SUPPORTING THE FREAKS!!!!!!” spewed a troll in screenshots shared on social media.

The owners responded politely, inquiring if the homophobe wanted to place an order. “Have a wonderful day,” they said.

Unfortunately, this only seemed to enrage the person further. “U LOST MY FAMILY’S BUSINESS SINCE U R FREAK LOVERS!!!!” the caps lock warrior cried.

Fresh Carnival cut them off there with a simple yet classy response.

“We support all people being comfortable and loved exactly as they are,” they wrote. “If that means losing your business, we’re OK with that. Have a great night.”

Later the restaurant shared the exchange on Facebook, stating: “This is why there is a Pride month.”

“We will continue to support the LGBT2S+ community and we won’t mind if those who don’t, take their bigotry elsewhere,” they added.

Beata Kowalski, owner and president of Fresh Carnival, said it was “super shocking” to see the message in her inbox – and for her, the issue hit close to home.

“Personally, I enjoyed heterosexual freedom for most of my life and then came out eight years ago or so,” she told Global News.

“I feel entitled to freedom to love, to be happy, and now it’s the same thing for me. I’m sort of in a weird position where it’s really shocking.”

But as shocked as she and her staff were to have received the message, Kowalski said they were even more surprised by the outpouring of support they received in response.

“I am about as plain Jane as it comes. I am a straight caucasian guy from farming roots. Love is love and I will be checking out the location for the first time,” wrote one man.

“Keep up the great work and supporting equality and kindness in this world.”

“You may have lost their business BUT you gained the business of my family, friends, and workplace!!” commented another. “Hatred is weakness, Love is powerful.”

Kowalski is thrilled by the new business and hopes other LGBT+ locals will take strength from the messages of love from their community.

“It feels so good because for us, we’re very comfortable with who we are and where we’re at, our little bubble is very beautiful but for other people to look into that and see so much support for this is just so needed,” she said.

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