Trailblazing wrestler Jack Andrews proudly comes out as gay on Facebook and Twitter

Patrick Kelleher June 2, 2021
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Jack Andrews

Jack Andrews. (Dorri Ariana/Twitter)

Independent professional wrestler Jack Andrews has come out publicly as gay in a proud, defiant social media post.

Andrews made the announcement on Twitter last Wednesday (26 May), telling his followers that he had already come out on Facebook.

“I came out [as] gay on Facebook, Twitter your [sic] late,” Jack Andrews wrote. “Don’t feel like it’s necessary but lk how people are.”

The wrestler previously opened up about his sexuality in February on Facebook – however, his news largely went under the radar.

In the Facebook post, Andrews referenced the designation of LGBT+ people as “gatekeepers” by the Dagara tribe, an Indigenous African group.

Professional wrestler Jack Andrews said he stands ‘on the threshold of the gender line’

“I’m a Gatekeeper, I bring balance to this earth force (If you don’t know what a gatekeeper represents: They stand on the threshold of the gender line),” Andrews wrote on Facebook in February.

“They are mediators between the two genders. They make sure there is peace and balance between women and men. If the two genders are in conflict and the whole village is caught in it, the gatekeepers are the ones to bring peace.”

Just in case anyone didn’t figure out what he meant, Andrews subsequently commented: “AKA I’m gay.”

Andrews has been flooded with supportive messages since he came out as gay.

“Love you brother!” one person commented.

“Happy that you are able to be yourself without any barriers! Congratulations!” another wrote.

Professional wrestling referee Max Recon tweeted: “I’m still going to tell you to wait on the outside to get tagged in, the same as before. Proud of you for being you!”

Another Twitter user replied: “So happy you’re finally getting to live your true authentic self. Proud of you for taking this major step.”

According to Outsports, Andrews has made a name for himself in the wrestling world in Ohio Valley alongside his tag team partner Chris Copeland.

Together, the pair are known as The Awesome Odyssey. Andrews also competes on his own.

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